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Ufologist, an amateur astronomer and traveler.

Also studying the ancient mystery, explore the ancient megalithic structures and artifacts.
Explore alternative history of mankind.
I publish materials about the mysterious in the world.
Since ancient times, mankind has always accompanied the riddle, mystery and mysticism, and the person is still a mystery. Everyone has inexplicable supernormal, and lately more and more often it is confirmed with the help of science. More quickly than before comes the understanding that there is something beyond human comprehension and can not be explained by the discovery of the law of matter, atoms, and a simple chemical reaction. The modern age has proved that new laws can be opened at any moment. Computers, Internet speed up the process of opening new laws in our lives, and people should use these opportunities for learning. Now many scientists are aware that they have no right to ignore the existence of paranormal phenomena in people's lives. Science goes forward, and the scientific world is always striving to streamline the unexplained phenomena and the secret knowledge from the materialist point of view, but not everything can be explained with the help of matter, atoms and chemical processes. Perhaps, in the age of technology science will be able to go beyond the material and discover new laws of the universe, unusual, abnormal and paranormal, magic and religion, predictions, UFO, scientific discoveries, secrets of the cosmos, the secrets of ancient civilizations. The magic, the paranormal and unexplained phenomena, the search for truth and the Philosopher's Stone, search Central Crystal Earth, creating an elixir of youth and eternal life - is constantly stirs the human mind. The process of cognition - that is our natural state. For a start, we must recognize that unexplained, the unknown and the supernatural - does not mean alien, and real alien. While we do not know the nature of these phenomena, we should not deny them only by the fact that it defies description and is not subject to conventional laws. People always treated with great interest to all kinds of mysteries of the past, which is full of centuries-old history of mankind. Some of them do not live for thousands of years and constantly acquire new facts, drastically changing the original event, distorted by detractors. And it happens that the myths and legends that exist in the historical memory of many people, after a deep and comprehensive study the researchers are becoming a serious basis for the development of scientific hypotheses and versions in solving puzzles of the past. Riddles of ancient civilizations will always haunt the minds of people.
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Unknown комментирует...

I share your enthusiasm in regards to wondering about the cosmology of things..


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