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В северо-западном Китае ведутся работы по восстановлению гор Сумишан.

Hidden megalithic structures, connections with aliens and geoglyphs in China.

This is the  third film, which shows thousands of buildings and hidden geoglyphs. Hidden pyramids hundreds of meters in height, the remains of an ancient people, giants and their civilization. Introduction-assimilation of alien technologies, contacts up to the highest governmental level. Today in China, the restoration and application of technology of ancient aliens is in full swing. In the film, the most interesting places that can be seen from the satellite are found.

В северо-западном Китае ведутся работы по восстановлению гор Сумишан.
Cultural relics experts from across China have begun a restoration project on murals in the Xumishan Grottoes dating back to over 1,500 years ago in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Restoration of Xumishan Grottoes underway in NW China

Chinese UFO base, secret aircraft on anti-gravity.

Near to one of the usual military airfields and one ordinary cosmodrome, there is an unusual pyramidal structure with entrances for land transport and a platform on top for unidentified aircraft.
On the pictures of different years. on the runway of the pyramid, two different unidentified objects were discovered.

Secret Base Cosmodrome for UFOs in the Chinese Desert

When viewing this place in Google maps, one of the objects turned out to be a secret military base with a space aerodrome for a UFO-shaped disk. Air Force Base with many residential, research and military buildings.
Another similar military training ground is also located in hundreds of kilometers in the Gobi Desert, China. https://rumble.com/v328or-a-secret-base-with-ufos-in-china-area-51-look-at-google-earth.html

 Китайские мегалиты и тайны древних пришельцев Вкратце про города с множеством много вековых сооружений технического предназначения.

Chinese megaliths and secrets of ancient aliens Dubbing in Russian, free music from the YouTube library. The megalithic complex officially named the Yongshan plate

In the east of China in Jiangsu Province 江苏, near the city of Nanjing 南京 is the famous cultural center 明 文化 村 - Mingwen Huacun. There are megaliths here, each of which consists of hundreds of cubic meters of solid rock, and weighs thousands of tons. Most have traces of highly technological processing, the whole history of stones is shrouded in mystery.

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