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Weird Atmospheric Sounds: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

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These sounds were recorded by connecting a 500 foot long antenna to the Mic input of my PC soundcard. This allows the soundcard to receive signals up to about 45 Khz if your soundcard is set to a 96000 hz sampling rate. Some of the sounds are from a nearby AM station and the others I'm not sure. Electrical disturbances in the air, like lightning or high voltage discharges, will also be picked up. Meteors or anything Ionizing in the upper atmosphere can also be picked up but they need to be close to the antenna.

Most of the photos seen here were taken by me. Some are the red sprites I captured over Hurricane Matthew and some are red sprites and gigantic jets over Tropical Storm Harvey. I also included some photos I found at the Gemini Observatory and the CFHT in Maunakea. I also added a couple of red sprite photos taken by the International Space Station.

Credit: Gemini Observatory/AURA (Gigantic Jets)
Credit: CFHT in Maunakea (Fireball)
Credit: NASA Johnson Space Center (ISS photos of Red Sprites)

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