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New finds at Peru's Sechin archaeological site

Archaeological excavations at Sechin complex in Casma have led to the discovery of five conical adobes, which are at least 4,000 years old.

New finds at Peru's Sechin archaeological site
Credit: Andina
Archaeologist Monica Suarez, coordinator at Sechin Archaeological Project, explained that this is the earliest recorded evidence of this type of adobe at monumental sites in the coastal area of the South American country.

"So far, they have been found at archaeological sites dated to the Formative Period, such as Sechin Alto, Sechin Bajo, La Cantina in Casma and Punkuri in Nepeña," the researcher told Andina news agency.

According to Suarez, the adobes filled an 11-step structure. Some handprints are found on the bricks and are believed to belong to the manufacturers.

New finds at Peru's Sechin archaeological site
Credit: Andina
As with the other discoveries in the area, the adobes have been collected to be analyzed. Their final destination will be the Regional Museum of Casma "Max Uhle."

"We are very proud and excited because the valuable evidences we are discovering —as part of this first stage— will allow us to reconsider the hypothesis about the emergence of ceremonial architecture in Pre-Columbian America," the archaeologist commented.

"Likewise, this will help us understand Sechin in the context of Early Formative Period societies," she added.

Surez disclosed that the second stage of excavation works will be carried out by the middle of this year.

Source: Andina [January 17, 2020]

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