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пятница, 3 января 2020 г.

GLM Detects Bolide Event South of Puerto Rico: Asteroid 2019 MO

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I was contacted by Dwayne Free this past saturday night and he asked me if I or anyone here in Puerto Rico had seen or taken any photos or videos of a Bolide event just south of the Island. He is the administrator of the website and he found the event using the Geostationary Lightning Mapper on the GOES-16 Satellite.

Unfortunately, the event occurred at around 5:25pm local time and it was still daylight, so my cameras weren't turned on yet. I contacted William Straka III to see if he could find something to confirm this GLM detection and he did find something and was kind enough to send me two images of the trail that was left by the Bolide.

I contacted the CTBTO last night and haven't heard from them yet and we are currently waiting for Nasa to check their detectors also.

So far, we know that the event occured on June 22, 2019 at 21:25 UTC (+/- 5 mins) and both Dwayne Free and William Straka III found data confirming that something did happen.

Here are the links that was sent to me by Dwayne Free:

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