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Tic-Tac & the Triangular shaped UFO's

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Where do the Tic-Tac and the Triangular shaped UFOs come from. Many people believe that these crafts are from some distant planet. Well not me. I believe these sightings that have been seen all over the country and the world are made by man. I believe someone or some black budget project corporation has been working on these craft and maybe others in the shadows, and now we are starting to see more of them and getting get warmed up to the idea that theses crafts are real and that they are ours maybe even part of this Space Force that we hear whispers of. I Feel one day soon the hole truth will be revealed to us.
Source Video: Professor Simon Holland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lml2D4eHbQ&t=6s

Video length: 17:46
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