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Spherical Ball Of Electricity

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This video was recorded on the 20th of Oct. 2019 in Scotland by the youtube channel AcidAndy RFC. It shows some kind of spherical ball of electricity That hovers above a electrical power station. What do you guys think this is, a malfunction in the power grid maybe some kind of natural occurence of lighting like globe or ball lighting? Could it be something else, you decide.
Source video is AcidAndy RFC all the credit goes to him and his channel.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg-_WEDMBgA

Video length: 2:50
Category: Science & Technology

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Насекомое неопознанное. Unidentified Insect. Предположил, что оса, так как птицы очень часто охотятся за осами в огороде. I thought it ...