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пятница, 29 ноября 2019 г.

Several Saucer Shaped Objects Found Near The Sun.

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Using The Helioviewer I Found What Looks Like Several Saucer Shaped UFOs.What Do You Think These Objects Could Be? Are We Looking At A Camera Malfunction Or Debris. Could This Be Proof That We Aren't Alone? Or Are These The Same Objects That NASA Recorded On The Famed Tether Incident. Do Any Of You Have The Answer To These Questions? Please Leave A Comment Or A Suggestion On What We Are Observing And Please Like And Subscribe.If you find my channel interesting and your able to please donate thank you.
Source : Helioviewer
Source : Jhelioviewer you will have to download
NASA tether incident... I want you to check this out these objects or UFOs UAPs, debris or even alien entities how ever you want to labile this. They look the same.

Video length: 5:20
Category: Science & Technology

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