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четверг, 28 ноября 2019 г.

Ringed Shaped Object Seen From The Earth To The Moon To The Sun.

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Here Is Some Evidence That I have Put Together Of These Ringed Shaped Or Doughnut Shaped UFOs Are Something Other Than Dust Particles On A Lens.These Objects Have Been Seen During The NASA Tether Incident. I Have Also Found Them Close To The SUN With The Helioviewer. I Have Found A Few Videos Showing These Ringed Or Doughnut Shaped UFOs As Well. A Big Thanks To Tom Brown For Letting Me Use His Video Labeled
Doughnut-Shaped UFO Floats by ISS. If you can donate please do thank you.
Helioviewer :
Tom Browns : Doughnut-Shaped UFO Floats by ISS
Jason Callum, MoonCat72 :

Video length: 4:18
Category: Science & Technology

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