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Monumental tomb inscription found in Parion

A memorial tomb inscription has been unearthed in the ancient city of Parion in the Biga district of northwestern province of Canakkale. Archaeologists believe that the inscription dates back 1,900 years.

Monumental tomb inscription found in Parion
Credit: AA
The head of Parion excavations and Ondokuz Mayis University Archaeology Department’s Professor Vedat Keles said that they were very excited by the finding.

Keles stated that they found this epigraphic work not in excavations but around the aqueduct at the entrance of the village, and added, “There are two ‘Greek’ names on the inscription. It is a tomb inscription dedicated to a child by a Roman and to his deceased mother. Probably this is a memorial tomb. The Greek names are ‘Diogenes’ and ‘Tykhe.’ So, this shows us the persistence of the Greek population after Parion became the Roman colony.”

Monumental tomb inscription found in Parion
Credit: AA
Parion, also called Parium, was an ancient Greek city founded in 709 BC. It had two major harbours during the Roman era and served as the main customs station for goods from the Aegean.

Archaeologists have been carrying out excavations at the ancient site since 2005. Sarcophagi, graves and ancient artifacts have been found in the area.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [November 01, 2019]

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