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Three skeletons found under metro station in Rome

Three skeletons believed to date back to the time of the Romans have been uncovered by workmen who were at a metro station in central Rome, Italy.

Three skeletons found under metro station in Rome
Skeleton of adult male unearthed at the Piramide metro station in Rome
[Credit: Soprintendenza di Roma]

The first remains found — that of a largely intact male — has been dubbed the ‘Pyramid Mummy’ by local media and was unearthed on September 20, 2019.

Two further skeletons — that of a mother and child — were found in the area on September 30, 2019.

Workmen were excavating outside the Piramide metro station on Rome’s Line B when they came across the ancient remains on September 20, 2019, local media reported.

The human skeleton — which locals have dubbed the ‘Pyramid Mummy’, after the name of the metro stop — is believed to be largely intact.

Three skeletons found under metro station in Rome
Skeletal remains of mother and child [Credit: Soprintendenza di Roma]

Following the initial find, local authorities immediately moved to cordon off the area so that archaeologists could carefully uncover the bones.

The skeleton dates back to the time of the Roman empire, said a spokesperson for the Special Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome.

However, an exact age for the man’s remains has yet to be established.

Archaeologists working on the site went on to uncover similar skeletal remains of a woman and a child ten days after the initial discovery.

Three skeletons found under metro station in Rome
The little baby bones, probably the ribs, next to the woman[Credit: Soprintendenza di Roma]

Experts believe that the three Romans could have been a family, nothing that the child’s remains had been placed between the woman’s hip and knee, suggesting that she could have been its mother.

Their burial may have formed part of the Necropolis of Via Ostiense, one of Rome’s best-preserved ancient cemeteries.

Both skeletons were found surrounded by metal nails, suggesting that they could have been buried in a wooden coffin that had since eroded away.

Analysis of the three skeletons is ongoing.

Author: Ian Randall | Source: Daily Mail [October 03, 2019]



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