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Mouse Nous The brain is home to millions of neurons – their…

Mouse Nous

The brain is home to millions of neurons – their different tree-like structures branch across brain areas in a diverse ‘forest’ of connections, helping to process information, coordinate our actions and form memories. Using viruses to light up individual mouse neurons, The MouseLight Project is building a 3D model of the brain, piecing together microscopy images of glowing cells using algorithms to map out their tracks. Recently passing the 1000-neuron mark, the project reveals some brain areas have groups of similar neurons, while other regions are peppered with a mixture. With the goal of understanding this complex organisation, the database continues to grow – here thousands of neurons blink into place in a 3D reconstruction, adding to the totalled length of 87+ metres of neurons mapped inside a brain the size of light bulb.

Written by John Ankers

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