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Death of Cosmonaut Mikhailovich Manakov


September 26, 2019

On September 26, 2019 in the 70th year of life, the hero of the Soviet Union, an astronaut pilot of the USSR, Colonel Heinrich Mikhailovich Manakov died.

G.M. was born June 1, 1950 in the family of teachers in the s. Efimovka is a rural settlement in Orenburg Oblast, Russia. In 1967, he graduated from Efimovskuû high school 1967-1969. He studied at the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute (Samara) and received aviation training at the kuybyshev dosaaf school. In 1973, he moved into the air defense aviation army of air defense pilots, in 1973 he graduated with distinction and a gold medal in the field of «Command Fighter Aviation» with the qualification of a pilot-engineer. In 1985, he graduated from the evening department of the Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering of the Moscow Aviation Institute named after c. Ordzhonikidze «takeoff».

After his success, he was a pilot, a senior pilot in the Air Defense Division. The 19 th division of the Russian division of air defense,, the senior pilot, deputy commander of the aviation squadron in the Far East District Defense (G. In the same position he served in the Moscow district of Moscow, Morchansk, Tambov Oblast.

Cosmonaut Mikhailovich Manakov

In 1979, he was sent to the 267th Aviation Test Center and training of test pilots. From 1980 to 1985-pilot test, chief engineer and senior test pilot of the 1st department of the Red-Famous State Scientific and Test Institute (Gknii) of the Russian Federation Defense of the Russian Federation.

In 1985, the decision of the State Inter-Agency Commission (Gmvk) was selected as a candidate for air force astronauts and sent to the space training center for space training. In 1988, by order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR was assigned to the 2nd group of astronauts for the post of test cosmonaut (9th recruitment).

He made his first space flight from 1 August to 1990 December 10 as the crew commander of the transport ship «Soyuz TM -10» under the program of the 7th main expedition (EO-7) on the orbital complex «Mir» and the Soviet-Japanese spaceflight program with Soviet-Japanese spaceflight. On board the station, he worked with one. Straw, huh. Balandinym, the. Afanasieff, m. Manarovym and t. Akiyama (Japan). During the flight, he made an exit to the open space (2 hours 45 minutes), during which he received information on the number of works needed to repair the exit hatch of the «Quantum-2» module. «. During the flight, the astronaut has conducted extensive scientific research. Research program. The results of the experiments conducted by g. It has been used in various fields of the national economy. In space, the crew of the cc «Soyuz TM -10» spent more than 130 days.

For the first time in the history of the domestic inhabited space, the cargo ship «Progress M-16» at the station «Progress M-16» at the station «Mir» was realized as part of the experiment.

For courage and heroism shown in flight, the country’s seventy-ninth cosmonaut received the title of hero of the Soviet Union with the Gold Medal Award and the Order of Lenin.

The Peoples Friendship Order was awarded for the second spaceflight, from January 22 to July 24, 1993, as the Commander of the TM-16 Union Vessel under the program of the 13th Main Expedition. In flight, he made two exits from the open space with a total length of 9 hours 58 minutes. The 1993 July 22, a crew of Russian cosmonauts in the Russian city. Manakova, a. Poleŝuka and French astronaut F.-P. Angela returned to earth safely. The duration of the flight was 179 days.

Gennady Mikhailovich received the qualification «1st class military pilot» (1977), «1st pilot class» (1987), «2nd class cosmonaut» (1990), «2nd class cosmonaut» (1990), «L Parachute Training Instructor (PDP) of the Air Force «. the total flight — more than 1620 hours, mastered 42 types and modifications of planes, realized 248 jumps.

In 1996, he retired from cosmonauts. His experience and knowledge remained in demand at the Astronaut Training Center: he was appointed Chief of the 32nd Division (for providing life for cosmonauts in special conditions) from the 3rd Bureau, from 1997 to 2000 he been head of 2 the department of state department of the Rgniicpk. In July 2000, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation was rejected.

He belonged to the generation of Soviet and Russian cosmonauts who wrote brilliant pages in the glorious history of the Russian inhabited space. He has dedicated his entire life to the cause of space and aviation, giving his rich experience to the younger generation.

He received the orders and medals of our country, he was an officer of the order of the Legion of Honor (France), and was an honorable citizen of the cities of arkalyk and dzhezkazgan.

Leadership, pilots of the USSR and Russian Federation, team and veterans of the center for training astronauts named after y.a. Gagarin are sorry for the family and loved ones of Genaddy Mikhailovich.

ROSCOSMOS Press Release (In Russian): https://www.roscosmos.ru/26865/

Image, Text, Credit: ROSCOSMOS.

R.I.P.; Orbiter.chArchive link

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