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Soyuz Rocket Blasts Off to Station With Multinational Crew

ROSCOSMOS — Soyuz MS-15 Mission patch.

September 25, 2019

Image above: The Soyuz MS-15 rocket blasts off from Kazakhstan with a multinational crew of three people. Image Creedits: NASA/Bill Ingalls.

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, Oleg Skripochka of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, and Hazzaa Ali Almansoori from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched safely for their mission aboard the International Space Station on the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft at 9:57 a.m. EDT.

Soyuz-FG launches Soyuz MS-15

The crew began their six-hour trip to the orbital laboratory during which they will orbit Earth four times. Coverage of the Soyuz docking to the International Space Station will begin on NASA TV and the agency’s website at 3 p.m., with the spacecraft docking expected at 3:45 p.m. NASA TV coverage of the hatch opening between the Soyuz and the space station will begin at 5 p.m. EDT.

Image above: (From top) NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, spaceflight participant Hazzaa Ali Almansoori of the United Arab Emirates and Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka wave to support personnel before boarding their Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft. Image Credits: NASA/Bill Ingalls.

The crewmembers will join station commander Alexey Ovchinin of Roscosmos, NASA astronauts Christina Koch, Nick Hague and Andrew Morgan, ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Luca Parmitano, and Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, increasing the space station population to nine people for eight days. The crewmembers of Expedition 61-62 will continue work on hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science aboard the space station.

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Images (mentioned), Video, Text, Credits: NASA/Mark Garcia/ROSCOSMOS/NASA TV/SciNews.

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