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CASC — Long March-3B launched two new BeiDou-3 satellites

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System logo.

23 sept. 2019

Long March 3B launches pair of Beidou-3 MEO satellites

A Long March-3B launch vehicle launched two new BeiDou-3 navigation satellites from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Sichuan Province, southwest China, on 22 September 2019, at 21:10 UTC ( 23 September, at 5:10 local time).

Long March-3B launched two new BeiDou-3 satellites

The BeiDou-3 MEO-19 and BeiDou-3 MEO-20 satellites are the 47th and 48th in the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), respectively the 19th and 20th for the BeiDou-3 system. China plans to complete the BDS global network by 2020 (Beidou navigation satellites constellation).

CCTV screenshots of the deployment

The MEO satellites are the Medium Earth Orbit component of the third phase of the Chinese Beidou (Compass) satellite navigation system. The satellites are part of a fleet that will expand the system to a global navigation coverage.

BeiDou-3 satellite, as rendered by J Huart

The satellites are using a new bus that features a phased array antenna for navigation signals and a laser retroreflector, with a launch mass 1,014 kg. Spacecraft dimensions are noted to be 2.25 by 1.0 by 1.22 meters. Usually, the satellites reside in a 21,500 – 21,400 km nominal orbit at 55.5 degrees.

For more information about Beidou navigation system: http://www.beidou.gov.cn/

For more information about China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC):

Images, Video, Text, Credits: CASC/Beidou/CCTV/SciNews/Orbiter.ch Aerospace/Roland Berga.

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