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Patrouille de France: «The plane is off the track»

Patrouille de France patch.

July 25, 2019

Just landed at the airport of Perpignan, the plane went off the track and ended not far from a road. The pilot who ejected was slightly injured.

Image above: The Alphajet of the Patrouille de France hit a wall, along the road. Image Credits: Twitter/France 3.

The Alphajets are now equipped with ejectable seats «zero-zero» (for zero altitude, zero speed), the pilot could eject, as provided by the procedure in case of loss of control. He was slightly injured.

The Patrouille de France. Image Credit: Patrouille de France

The plane caused a start of vegetation fire that could be controlled. The Patrouille de France was expected in the afternoon at Saint-Cyprien for an air demonstration.

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