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In Your Stride We all know that sugar can give us a burst of…

In Your Stride

We all know that sugar can give us a burst of energy. But glucose – sugar in its basic molecular form – also sustains all the molecular, cellular, and whole-body processes that keep us going. How the body is making use of glucose is an important indicator of health, so researchers are interested in tracking this progress. However, current tools for observing glucose’s journey are limited to the first steps of its metabolism, meaning it’s hard to see what happens next. A new technique called STRIDE can image the full picture of glucose uptake and metabolism, even after it is broken down into component parts and being used by cells after six days (seen here in blue, permeated through a slice of mouse tissue). Imaging glucose metabolism could ultimately help give a clear view of how diseased organs are behaving, and help develop our understanding of the way cancers power their deadly development.

Written by Anthony Lewis

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