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Doric temple antefix discovered in Pompeii

The ongoing research in the Triangular Forum of ancient Pompeii continues to offer surprises. An antefix depicting the goddess Athena decorating a Doric temple and dating from the end of the 4th century BC is particularly striking.

Doric temple antefix discovered in Pompeii
Pompeii, antefix of Athena of the end of the 4th century BC
[Credit: La Repubblica]

In addition to the divinity, the excavations in progress in the sanctuary of Athena, in collaboration with the University of Naples Frederick II, have also revealed figured terracottas offered as ex-votos in the sacred space, which date back to the third century BC.
The materials confirm the dedication of the temple that directly overlooked the Gulf of Naples, from the terrace overlooking the mouth of the Sarno in ancient times, to the couple Heracles and Athena.

Doric temple antefix discovered in Pompeii
Pompeii, ex voto head of 3rd century BC
[Credit: La Repubblica]

A situation similar to an analogous sanctuary in the locality of Privati, which stood at Stabiae, on the other side of the course of the Sarno, also datable to the fourth century BC, which has yielded a fixed antefix of Athena very similar to that of Pompeii.

The possibility that the antifixes of Pompeii and Stabiae were made with the same mould is not excluded.

Source: La Repubblica [trsl. TANN, July 25, 2019]



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