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Decorated Neolithic stone discovered in Orkney

Archaeologists have uncovered what they describe as a «stunning example» of Neolithic decorate stone in Orkney.

Decorated Neolithic stone discovered in Orkney
The decorated stone was discovered on Monday
[Credit: Ness of Brodgar]

The notch-marked slab was discovered at Ness of Brodgar, the location of a well-preserved and sophisticated complex of stone buildings. The site was built and occupied by people more than 5,000 years ago.
Archaeological excavations began at Ness of Brodgar more than 15 years ago and the site covers an area of about six acres (2.5 ha).

Decorated Neolithic stone discovered in Orkney
A stone marked with dots is also among the recent discoveries
[Credit: Ness of Brodgar]

The decorated stone was found on Monday, followed by further discoveries of smaller carved stones during the rest of the week.

Painted stonework and tools are among other previous finds made at Ness of Brodgar.

The site forms part of the Heart of the Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site.

Source: BBC News Website [July 18, 2019]



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