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Chang’e Fourth lander and patrol complete the fifth month of work

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May 17, 2019

Chang’e 4 Lander Terrain Camera Imaging the Yutu No. 2 Patrol

The «Yutu Rabbit No. 2» patrol completed the scientific exploration work of the fifth month and entered the fifth night at 11:05 on the same day. The patrol moves according to the overall plan, and the total walking is 190.66 meters. During the movement of the patrol, the power-on detection of the payloads of the patrol infrared spectrometer, panoramic camera, neutral atomic detector, and moon-receiving radar was organized and implemented as planned, and the ground receiving load data transmission data was normal.

The No. 4 lander was completed at 12 o’clock on May 11 at the end of the night and went to sleep. During the fifth month, the lander working conditions were normal. The payload lunar neutrons and radiation dose detectors and low-frequency radio spectrometers were effectively tested as planned, and the ground receiving scientific detection data was normal.

The fourth engineering ground application system released the latest scientific test data to the research core team, with a total data volume of 6.6 GB and a total of 494 data files. In the follow-up work, the ground scientific research personnel will professionally process and analyze the obtained scientific test data.

Yutu No. 2 Patrol Camera, Panoramic Camera Imaging the No. 4 Lander

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