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Crash! Scientists explain what happens when nanoparticles…

Crash! Scientists explain what happens when nanoparticles collide

Study results could one day inform the design of new materials for protective gear, energy-harvesting devices and more

Helmets that do a better job of preventing concussions and other brain injuries. Earphones that protect people from damaging noises. Devices that convert “junk” energy from airport runway vibrations into usable power.

New research on the events that occur when tiny specks of matter called nanoparticles smash into each other could one day inform the development of such technologies.

Using supercomputers, scientists led by the University at Buffalo modeled what happens when two nanoparticles collide in a vacuum. The team ran simulations for nanoparticles with three different surface geometries: those that are largely circular (with smooth exteriors); those with crystal facets; and those that possess sharp edges.

“Our goal was to lay out the forces that control energy transport at the nanoscale,” says study co-author Surajit Sen, PhD, professor of physics in UB’s College of Arts and Sciences. “When you have a tiny particle that’s 10, 20 or 50 atoms across, does it still behave the same way as larger particles, or grains? That’s the guts of the question we asked.”

“The guts of the answer,” Sen adds, “is yes and no.”

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Neurotechnology Could Lead to Thought-Controlled Devices To…

Neurotechnology Could Lead to Thought-Controlled Devices

To interact with a computer, users generally type on a keyboard, swipe their fingers across a screen or speak a voice command. What if, instead, the machine simply responded to their thoughts?

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have spent years developing a portable cerebral monitoring device that when wrapped around the head — similar to a virtual reality headset — can allow users to control a computer by simply thinking what they want the machine to do. Specialized software enables this headset to interpret brain activity, translating it into commands.

“These are the early days for neurotechnology, and there is yet much to discover,” says Tim Mullen, a Ph.D. graduate of the university who is developing the software. “The rate of scientific and technological progress in the field is rapidly accelerating. We want to push this progress into practice, bridging the gap between emerging sensor hardware, neuroscience research and practical real-world applications.”

While still in an experimental phase, the device shows promise for a new kind of human-machine interaction. Commercially, such an interface can allow users to control a computer without the need for a mouse, keyboard or touch screen. It also could enable people to interact more directly with games and other software. And beyond that, the applications are far-reaching. Such advances in brain-computer interfaces might even help the disabled to steer a wheelchair or control a robotic arm, the researchers suggest.

Blazing a Path in Neurotechnology

Mullen and Mike Chi, another doctoral candidate at UCSD, have started their own businesses around neurotechnology and the growing field of neuroscience. Chi now works as chief technology officer of Cognionics, a San Diego–based company that developed a headset that monitors brain activity. The device tracks brain waves using neuroimaging systems and dry electroencephalography (EEG) sensors that send results to a nearby smartphone.

Doctors have used EEGs to study brain activity for more than 100 years. In that time, though, the technology remained relatively stagnant. With the conventional EEG system, doctors used gels, electrodes and wires to connect a patient to an EEG in a hospital or office. Unfortunately, this limited the number of places a test could be conducted. Now, Cognionics’ wireless, dry neuroimaging head gear stands to amplify the number of use cases.

Mullen’s company, Qusp, has developed software that reads and analyzes the brainwave data gathered on Cognionics’ headset. Qusp’s NeuroScale software, currently in testing, is a cloud platform that Mullen says delivers continuous, real-time interpretation of brain and other physiological signals through an application programing interface.

Mullen says NeuroScale features a variety of signal processing and machine learning algorithms that interpret brain signals. By mapping these signals, researchers can use them to operate a computer simply by thinking it.

What the Future Holds

For now, Mullen and his team want to use the headset technology to get EEG readings that can be quickly interpreted. Qusp engineers have created a middleware platform that developers and researchers can use to build applications that solve practical problems for medicine, neuroscience and psychology.

For example, Mullen says emergency medical technicians could connect the headset to a patient at the site of an emergency. It would then send data to a device that might give first responders analytics that could guide initial treatment. Another conceivable application involves helping a doctor remotely monitor a patient’s brain activity in real time — even on a mobile device.

When paired to the headset, interactive apps that analyze specific changes in the brain could help psychological disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety or depression, attest both Mullen and Chi. These apps could train the brain to think differently and possibly reduce the effects of these conditions in some patients. “We believe medication will always be needed,” Yu Chi says. “But over time, these neurologically based games could help people rewire their brains so they become less dependent on medication.”

But the medical applications Mullen and Chi discussed will require approval from the Food and Drug Administration, a process that could take years. In the meantime, the two companies continue to pursue solutions in the consumer and research markets.

Additional consumer-facing applications for these headsets might someday include a number of different functions, from novel forms of interactive entertainment to new ways of interfacing with the Internet of Things, such as smart homes, workplaces, mobile devices and even vehicles that respond to a user’s mental and physical acuity.


Source: BizTech (by Steve Zurier)

Asteroid Day Italia – “Il regno degli asteroidi: scienza, storia e osservazioni in...

In occasione della seconda edizione dell’Asteroid Day, il Virtual Telescope Project, promotore dell’Asteroid Day per l’Italia, propone una suggestiva crociera: l’esplorazione in diretta degli asteroidi potenzialmente pericolosi. Grazie ai sofisticati strumenti parte del Virtual Telescope, sarà possibile osservare, in tempo reale via internet e comodamente dal proprio pc, tablet o smartphone, alcuni tra i pianetini che si avvicinano alla Terra. Nel corso di questo viaggio conosceremo l’affascinante regno degli asteroidi, svelandone la scienza, la storia, le orbite, fino a meglio comprendere i reali rischi di collisione, le potenziali conseguenze e le tecnologie utili alla difesa del nostro pianeta. Il tutto in perfetta aderenza con la mission dell’Asteroid Day, lanciato con l’intento di avviare una campagna informativa globale, consentendo alle persone di tutto il pianeta di scoprire il conoscere il reame degli asteroidi e ciò che noi possiamo fare per proteggerci da possibili impatti futuri. Tra gli straordinari ospiti, Grigorij Richters, regista del film “51 Degrees North” e co-fondatore dell’Asteroid Day. Ospite d’eccezione sarà Thomas D. Jones, già astronauta Nasa, con quattro missioni Shuttle all’attivo e specialista di scienze planetarie. A condurre sarà Gianluca Masi, astrofisico e Dottore di Ricerca in Astronomia, scopritore di diverse decine di asteroidi. Il Virtual Telescope Project, in qualità di promotore ufficiale dell’Asteroid Day in Italia, propone questo evento anche a supporto di quanti, singoli o associazioni, desiderano creare un evento per questa celebrazione internazionale, ma non dispongono di mezzi propri utili all’osservazione di tali corpi celesti, spesso davvero elusivi. Sarà così possibile proiettare su grande schermo lo streaming via web per condividere con il proprio pubblico questa importante ricorrenza. L’evento si svolge in collaborazione con il canale Scienza & Tecnica di Ansa. Coelum Astronomia è media partner dell’iniziativa.

Tornado in Tula, Russia June 28, 2016

Dust devil in Russia

Tornado in the village of Petrovo (Belyovsky District, Tula region, 06.28.2016, the author of the video, Eduard Andreev)

Hearty Beginnings Your heart pumps around 6000 litres of blood…

Hearty Beginnings

Your heart pumps around 6000 litres of blood around your body every day. This powerful muscle begins life as a tube made from cells called the first (FHF) and second heart fields (SHF). Researchers imaged sections through the developing mouse heart (pictured) to probe what these cells get up to, from early stages of constructing a primitive structure called the cardiac crescent (red cells) to the production of specialised cardiac tissue (green cells). Fluorescently labelling and live imaging FHF and SHF cells revealed three phases dominated by different activities – differentiation, where cells become specialised, and morphogenesis, where cells organise into shapes. First, FHF cells rapidly differentiated and formed the cardiac crescent. Next, differentiation stopped and the crescent transformed into a heart tube. Finally, differentiation picked up again as SHF cells became specialised. Differentiation and morphogenesis therefore take turns in a coordinated dance to construct the beginnings of a heart.

Written by Lux Fatimathas

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Le président de la Commission Européenne aurait rencontré des dirigeants...

Le président de la Commission européenne Jean Claude Juncker, à déclaré en toute simplicité qu’il avait rencontré des dirigeants d’autres planètes pendant un discours au lendemain du vote pour la sortie des britanniques de l’Union européenne le mardi 28 juin.

Smart guard dog from Orsk

Smart guard dog from Orsk

The dog itself will close the gates if they forget to close, and will bark if left open.

Check out this amazing gate guard dog’s skills!

Location: Orsk, Russia

Occurrence Date: March 3, 2016

Source: Greatest Gate Guard Dog by ViralHog on Rumble

Secret spaceport base for UFOs in China


Source: Secret Base Cosmodrome for UFOs in the Chinese Desert by SpaceTrack

In December 2014 in the pictures from orbit the channel TAM Secret of the World was discovered two strange object of regular geometric shape in the Chinese province.

Bases are associated with each other and are located inside the complex, artificial, geoglyphs circuit.

When you view this place in Google Maps, one of the objects turned out to be an artificial pond for some experiments, and the other part of a secret military base with space airfield for UFOs.

Geoglyphs represent a huge network with repeating the same mesh divisions, sometimes in a grid of squares, and sometimes complex patterns exactly the same at the same distance from each other made for complex engineering plan with high accuracy

 And to be precise for flying vehicles, a disk-shaped. Base with a variety of residential, scientific research and military buildings. Base with an extensive network of solar and wind power generator, feeding the technical field of cells.



We estimate they serve as benchmarks placement of underground and surface facilities, as well as indicate outputs of energy rays, there are places with a certain energy. Again, in our view, such installations can serve as a mechanism of opening teleport or means of superlight space communications, making it possible to exchange energy between the planets of the solar system and the stars instantly, faster than the speed of light and radio signals.

First the object in question is an artificial body of water at a distance of over 300 kilometers from the base. Waters is connected to the secret base of roads and water channels, stretching through the mountains and desert. Artificial pond area of ​​over 180 square kilometers, has a honeycomb structure in the form of rectangles and divided by partitions inside bulk. In the pond, there are some machines with pipes, stretching over the water surface. As of December it is completely filled with water, although the early start of the two thousandth’s images showed part of his drained.

Nearby there is a complex, similar to the enterprise with a power plant, as seen cooling pipes of power plants, to the object I will come back later.

43 4 36.66 N 92 48 30.31 E 

43 5 11.99 N 92 49 19.22 E

43 5 11.99 N 92 49 19.22 E

43 5 11.99 N 92 49 19.22 E

43 5 11.99 N 92 49 19.22 E

43 5 11.99 N 92 49 19.22 E


The second object, the main part of it is the similarity of the aerodrome with a military base an interesting an unusual layout. The second object, the main part of it is the similarity of the aerodrome with a military base an interesting an unusual layout.

Runways are very short with strange markings round shape, as the bands themselves, and around the airfield is not built on the ground.

In the center of the band structure has rounded, like a hatch silos, perhaps through this hatch, the disk-shaped object about 10 meters in diameter penetrate the hidden underground complex or depart from it.

Also from the strip, on which there are military vehicles, the road stretches to the ground of a military complex with a lot of square hangars for flying vehicles. Custom strange stripes design round layout, which are suitable only for the placement of the disc-shaped aircraft, as well as the marks of soot on the pavement in the form of twisted rings, point out that the airport is not for the usual consciousness of people, planes. The length of the strips is less than 900 meters.


Even if we consider that modern fighters is sufficient, and 600 meters for take-off and landing aircraft for the widespread form with wings, airstrip is not suitable, there is no place to land turns.


Black traces of the markings on the bands suggests that the airfield is adapted to very maneuverable machines, disc-shaped, who do not need long and wide strips for take-off and landings, since these devices similar to the UFOs as they themselves UFOs, there is a vertical landing and takeoff.

Interesting fact – at the airport no aircraft at all airports, even in the area of US 51 in Nevada, on duty is always and must be at least one airplane. On the Chinese military base, even on images taken at different times, there is no aircraft in the form familiar to us. China intends to hide, what objects are landing or taking off here.



Then I expand on why this base is not quite normal, and this is indicated by many reasons.

Close to Cosmo-aerodrome to the west are two white markings geoglyph on the ground,

one in the shape of a circle, inside of which three are inscribed runes

the second marking in the form of a triangle.


To the east, there are markings of circles and triangles of identical size of the first.


Runic markup geoglyphs, serve as a reference point and a beacon for the ships UFO Sumer, as they are now designated gray reptilians.


Geoglyphs in the form of a circle similar to some of the characters that were seen in the wheat fields in England.

One of the ground-based base hangars for aircraft, at a very early picture, taken at the beginning of the two thousandth’s, I saw the silhouette, the outline of the border round the ring, painted in a light color on the outer boundary of the circle, in the later images of the no. I guess it outlines standing secret UFO flying device in stealth mode. Due to the specific conditions of the refraction of light appeared on its borders and trim, he became partially visible, ie stealth technology has given small glitch. Stealth technology has long been recognized officially and publicly demonstrated.

China, in order to hide these objects are likely to produce, launch and landing of a UFO at night, to make it more difficult to remove or calculate from the orbit.



More exactly, it is not Chinese characters, is a form of writing ancient runic Russian language.

 The Sumerians were founded upon the runic language and form of writing that was used in all the star systems, including on the planet Terra (the ancient name for of our planet)


Near the base in the vicinity of the village there are many strange dug wells of approximately the same diameter and depth of such wells are many hundreds, they dug not chaotic, but specific directions, sometimes with the same distance between the wells.

It seems that the Chinese government is cooperating with gray or just the Sumerians, whose ships, that is a UFO land on their secret bases, most of which is hidden under the ground.

These symbols on the draw UFO witnesses and contactees, with a UFO and Sumerians.

Secret base in addition to the underground complex has military units and warehouses on the surface of a weapon for protection of objects.

All operating and maintenance personnel live in specially built side by side, small towns and villages with everything you need,

substation for heating and power station, houses, schools, shops, there are even street playgrounds and other recreational facilities.

 Secret base regularly repaired if built, located near the towns with developed infrastructure,

Nearby there are even cement concrete factories, there are other factories and enterprises,

as well as some test and research laboratories with large spherical structures that are similar to the space radar,

orbital detection defense system.

Create a powerful infrastructure for living and recreation workers has its own heating system and power plant. Settlement of the working personnel base are designed for thousands of people, on the basis that we can judge that the huge underground complex, so it takes a lot of service people who live near their families, trained and ready to report for work at any time.

Secret base and the the reservoir, located over 300 kilometers to the south, linked. Perhaps the body of water is a great device for military purposes.

Otherwise, why in the middle of the desert, to build swimming pools, more than 180 square kilometers, requiring more labor and energy costs, if it is not a kind of a military laboratory, which explains why it has its own power, apparently this device consumes tens of megawatts of electricity.

In our opinion, such a setup can serve as a mechanism of opening of teleports, to the functioning of which requires a source of water,


or means of superluminal space communications, inventions of Nikola Tesla in the early 20th century, making it possible to exchange energy between the planets of the solar system and the stars instantly, faster than the speed of light and radio signals.


43 7 50.51 N 90 59 25.80 E

43 7 50.51 N 90 59 25.80 E

43 7 50.51 N 90 59 25.80 E


43 7 50.51 N 90 59 25.80 E

Another amazing thing.

Landmarks thousands of square kilometers of the base, covered with lines geoglyphs made by the Chinese.

 Many are clearly visible traces of the wheels.

Geoglyphs represent a huge network with repeating the same mesh divisions, sometimes in a grid of squares, and sometimes complex patterns exactly the same, at the same distance from each other, are made very accurately.

One can safely say that these giant geoglyphs, in comparison with them, the geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, a children’s fun.

It is noticeable that the drawing made by the Chinese for a very complex engineering plan with high accuracy.

We think they serve as reference points of placement of underground and surface facilities, as well as indicate outputs of energy rays, there are places with a certain energy.

There are geoglyphs, which are not able to make any human body nor the human mind, no people technology.

There are also some technical installations in large cells in the field.


Among them, some identified as solar power plants,

there are whole fields of of wind generators electric energy.

There are unidentified installations as cells that have been built,

judging by the earlier and recent pictures, in the past few years.

These techno installation little resemblance to the American HAARP for the Study of Earth’s ionosphere system.

In our opinion, it’s probably some kind of weapon,

which is fueled by solar power, and wind generators located nearby.

We believe that China has in this area a top-secret weapon, geo-physical, or energy type of exposure.

43 7 50.51 N 90 59 25.80 E






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