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Elongated Humanoid and Aliens Skulls in Bolivia

Tiwanaco, La Paz, Bolivia

Tiwanaku, a mummy in a curled up position (carbon 14 dated as from the 4th to 7th century):

Massive Elongated Humanoid Skulls Of Oruro Bolivia

Elongated human skulls are found in many ancient places around the world, but Bolivia and Peru have more sizes and shapes than anywhere else.

In the 2010 Klaus Dona interview by Bill Ryan (from Project Camelot), which you can find on YouTube, Klaus Dona is showing a find nearby the ancient site of Puma Punku (which is near Tiwanaku, Bolivia). The skeleton was 2.6m long (8.5 feet). The skull is elongated and, as Klaus points out, this skull does not have the sagittal suture that humans have. This is a remarkable difference, making this being definitely not Homo Sapiens. Here are the slides from the video:

Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race (March 2010)

The following drawing shows a human skull which has the sagittal suture running from the top of the head towards the back. This makes the human skull having three skull plates, while the elongated skull above only has two skull plates.

Ancient Elongated Skulls Of Mexico

Ancient Elongated Skulls Of Mexico

At least 3 ancient cultures of Mexico had elongated skulls, including the Maya. In this video we explore those found in the National Museum of Anthropology.

In the video you will see not only the skull, but artifacts such as statues showing people with no human elongated skulls.

A strange figure-like Master Yoda …

Possible view of ancient aliens, with whom contact people.

Multiple UFOs in the evening sky PA, US

Location: Ridley Park

Date of sighting: 2012-07-04

Long Description of Sighting Report

I hail from the town of Ridley Park which is 10 miles to the South of Philadelphia and about 2 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport. Back around the 4th of July holiday in 2012 I was having a small pool party with some friends and as the night progressed I had broken off from the main group of friends and was just catching up with 2 buddies of mine. We will call them Bill and Jake. Bill is a mechanic at the airport and Jake is in the Army National Guard. It was roughly 1130pm EST as we were talking on my back deck when a light caught my eye in the sky. I motioned for both of them to glance up and the 3 of us stood there in complete confusion as we watched this amber light moving East to West across the sky. The altitude would be hard to guess, but I would say it was between 10,000-20,000 feet basing it off typical air traffic living next to the airport. The amber light moved from West to East and then hooked North directly towards the city of Philadelphia as we lost sight of it over the trees. We immediately muttered some choice words to the effect of what the heck was that as there was no sound and even with planes at typical cruising altitude around here we can still hear them. As we continued to discuss what we just saw another light appeared from the same direction almost identical altitude (from the best we could tell) and it made the same turn towards the city. The light itself was solid in color. No flickering, no blinking or flashing, and no dimming. The amber light held strong in intensity the entire time and the second one did as well which is odd considering given its flight path we would have seen it from the front, the bottom, and then the back. Now some back story. I myself am a house painter by day and an amateur astronomer by night. I have seen satellites, meteors, the whole nine yards and nothing could compare to what I had just witnessed. 

Also, this was the first year I was not doing my annual fireworks display up in the mountains so I have seen my share of pyrotechnics and aerial flares. So to me it was not a plane (as I see them daily at all altitudes and flight patterns which this one did not follow), not anything astronomical by any means, not a helicopter (altitude appeared to be too high and the light did not fit any helicopter I have ever seen military or civilian), and not a Chinese lantern as I have witnessed these set off as well. Bill immediately concluded that it was nothing he had ever seen before at the airport or anything that made sense in terms of a civilian or commercial aircraft and Jake chimed in with it not being anything military that he had ever seen. So we sat there stumped and staring at the sky hoping for one more pass by another object, but there was nothing. I feel the need to mention as well considering I said I was having a party. my only vice is smoking cigarettes (I do not drink or use any other mind altering substances). 

A few days later I was catching up with my cousin who had told me previously while in a golf outing in the mountains about a UFO sighting he had before. So I figured I would share my story with him. He was relieved he wasn’t the only person he knew to had seen something he could not explain. I described the object in detail just as I have above and he compared his story to mine and the differences between what we saw. We talked about the only wildcard which we both admittedly knew nothing about being a drone or some type of UAV. If I remember correctly this is around the time when the government started using them stateside a lot more frequently, but still if the idea is for them not to be seen then why have a light on it that is so bright. Fast track to about September 2012 I get a call from my cousin who was in touch with me over the weekend as he was up looking for some dark skies for a photography session in the mountains trying to shoot the milky way (photography is his hobby and he is quite good at it). He was on his way home coming down 76 East (PA Turnpike) somewhere between Elizabeth Town, Pa and Morgantown, Pa when a light caught his eye. He reached for his Nikon DSLR and began filming while he was driving. The light he was filming was moving with him and it fit the same description as I had mentioned above. At one point while driving the light moved so abruptly it caused him to jerk the camera completely to the side window to keep it in the shot. He then pulled over to the side of the highway deciding it was better and safer to film from the side of the road than continue to do so while driving. Once he pulled over his memory card was full sadly and he was not able to continue to film the object anymore. Which he regrets because the object was then joined by 3 more lights of the same description and they continued moving in the same direction in what he described as a staggered column until they were out of view. Obviously what is not filmed can be taken with a grain of salt by any investigator or person looking into a video, but to me he has no reason to lie.

HiPOD (2 April 2018): A Mid-Latitude Crater with a Spot in the…

HiPOD (2 April 2018): A Mid-Latitude Crater with a Spot in the Middle

   From orbit, the spot looks black, but we can see in the enhanced color closeup that it’s darker (basaltic?) material on top of the lighter dunes.

The Chinese space station has burned

CASC – Tiangong-1 Mission patch.

April 2, 2018

The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 returned to the atmosphere Monday morning over the Pacific before burning.

More fear than harm: The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 disintegrated Monday in full flight as it returned to Earth over the Pacific, after two years of uncontrolled evolution into orbit.

Radar images of China’s Tiangong-1 space station. Image Credit: Fraunhofer FHR

After several days of uncertainty, the space laboratory made its return to the atmosphere Monday around 00:15 GMT, announced the CMSEO, the Chinese office responsible for the design of human spaceflight. The state agency did not provide the exact coordinates of the point of fall, referring only to “the central part of the South Pacific”.

“Most of the equipment was destroyed during the re-entry phase,” said the CMSEO.

The spacecraft, in uncontrolled flight since 2016, returned to Earth a little earlier than expected: the CMSEO had previously announced that the re-entry into the atmosphere would be around 00:42 GMT, which would have located above of the South Atlantic, off the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

ESA’s atmospheric re-entry diagram. Graphic Credit: ESA

The abandoned space station weighed about eight tons but was not supposed to cause damage by falling, had sought to reassure China in recent days. Beijing had even promised a “splendid” show, similar to a meteor shower.

“Fun to see”

But over the Pacific, it seemed unlikely that anyone could witness the scene with the naked eye. Before returning to the ground, the spacecraft flew over North Korea and Japan, where it was already daylight, further reducing the likelihood of being seen from the ground, Astronomer Jonathan McDowell told AFP. of the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Center in the United States.

“It would have been fun to see,” he said. “On the bright side, it did not cause damage by falling.”

The United States has confirmed the return of the aircraft to the Pacific, however, suggesting a one-minute delay (00:16 GMT) compared to the Chinese assessment, according to the Joint Force Space Component Command (JFSCC), whose network radar tracked the trajectory of the spacecraft in coordination with several countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom).

The space laboratory was placed in orbit in September 2011. It should have made a controlled return to Earth’s atmosphere, but stopped working in March 2016.

Animation above: Fragmentation of the Jules Verne ESA’s ATV during his atmospheric re-entry. Animation Credit: ESA.

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), Chinese ground engineers were no longer able to operate the engines that would have controlled the fall of the machine. But Beijing has repeatedly refuted that the Tiangong-1 has become “uncontrollable”.

“The foreign media are highlighting the re-entry (into the atmosphere) of Tiangong-1 (…) because some Western countries are trying to cover the mud a Chinese aerospace industry in full growth,” denounced Monday the language newspaper English Global Times, often nationalistic tone.

One risk on 700 million

The risk for a human being to be hit by space debris of more than 200 grams is one in 700 million, the CMSEO said. “People have no reason to worry,” he said.

Tiangong-1, or “Heavenly Palace”, has been used for medical experiments. The laboratory was also considered a preliminary step in the construction of a Chinese space station.

Tiangong-1. Image Credit: CASC

China has invested billions of euros in the space conquest to try to catch up with Europe and the United States. Coordinated by the army, it is perceived as a symbol of the new power of the country.

Beijing aims to send a spacecraft around Mars by 2020, before deploying an unmanned vehicle on the red planet.

China also wants to deploy an inhabited space station by 2022, when the International Space Station (ISS) has ceased to function.  China also dreams of sending a man to the moon.

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Inter Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC): http://www.iadc-online.org/

ESA’s Space Debris Office: http://www.esa.int/spacedebris

Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR: https://www.fhr.fraunhofer.de/en.html

Images (mentioned), Animation (mentioned), Text, Credits: AFP/Orbiter.ch Aerospace/Roland Berga.

Greetings, Orbiter.chArchive link

Waterspout off the coast of Chania, Greece 6 May 2016

Waterspout today off the coast of Chania, Greece – Via Weather News – zarpanews.gr

#eustorm 28/30 – Waterspout today off the coast of Chania, Greece – Via Weather News – zarpanews.gr pic.twitter.com/uNAg9Z4uLR

— #eustorm (@EUStormMap) 5 мая 2016 г.

Waterspout in France

Waterspout in France

Location: Anor region

Date: 04.05.2016

Taken from a very close distance, the sky is almost no clouds and sunny weather.

Vortex raced ten meters away from the witnesses.

Video: Julien Vill

Если Вы не можете наблюдать метеоритный дождь,...

В ночь с 5 на 6 мая жители Земли смогут увидеть метеорный поток — так называемые Майские Аквариды (или η-Аквариды), который пересечется с атмосферой Земли. Этот метеорный рой связывают с кометой Галлея.

Жители России не смогут увидеть данный меторный моток но его можно послушать.

Слушать радио радар онлайн детектор НЛО метеоров в атмосфере

1,500-Year-Old Coin Stash Leaves Archaeologists with Mystery


A hoard of about 119 coins, together with an iron lock that may have sealed them within a container, have been found inside a collapsed building in the harbor of the ancient city of Corinth in Greece.

The discovery leaves archaeologists with a mystery: Why didn’t anyone come to retrieve the stash after the building collapsed?

“That is an excellent question and one that has been troubling us,” said Paul Scotton, a professor of classics at California State University Long Beach who leads excavations for the Lechaion Harbor and Settlement Land Project. “The coins were found circa 30-40 centimeters [12 to 16 inches] below modern ground level under the collapsed tile roof. With it having been so close to the surface, why someone didn’t return for it is a puzzle. Either the owner could not or did not want to retrieve it. Exactly why that would be is only conjecture,” Scotton said. Read more.

Lightning strike over Orange Beach, Alabama

Lightning strike over Orange Beach, Alabama

Waterspout Comes Ashore at Brazilian Beach

Waterspout Comes Ashore at Brazilian Beach

Форма сообщения Белый шум

Erbolat Eleucinov: “…Уже где-то больше двух лет шумит в ушах, в голове белый шум, так оказывается называют . Часто бывает слышны чьи то разговоры, идёт тв передачи на непонятных языках, но они исчезли, а вот белый шум остался и всё сильнее и сильнее. Что это?

Некоторые говорят, что это классно, я не нахожу что это класс, нет покоя.” Erbolat Eleucinov

Борода антенны управления сознанием Мужчины

Белый шум – Успокаивающие звуки для младенцев, 

даже есть такие мелодии

поэтому и говорят, что это классно.

Но раз самому некий шум причиняет беспокойство, значит 

шумит в голове не белый шум успокоения, покоя он не несёт, наоборот шум беспокоит.

Объяснений много, на выбор:

1. Реакция физиологическая, тело может реагировать на удар по самой голове или по органу на теле, зону зоны соответствия голове. Если ударов не было как минимум  месяцев пять назад, значит здесь больше мистики, чем физиологии.

 Мистика и снова много вариантов:

1. Подселение эктоплазмы

 здесь подробнее


зачастую, они творят звуковые эффекты, тактильные эффекты, эффекты запаха

2. Подсоединён определённым слоем тонкого тела, если практиковал астральщину

 к спутнику,

  поэтому тв передачи слушал, обычный технический шум, поток частиц по эфирному каналу связи.

3. Смотря какой возраст, сколько лет, слышать частотные варианты эфирной связи вполне реально.

Запросто можно слышать частоты вышек мобильной связи, интернет,

 а может и течение электрического тока по проводам,

 работу приборов, которые отпугивают вблизи жилых домов насекомых, грызунов

и т.д. и т.п.  и прочая вариантность технологий современности.

и самое значимое

Неправильное использование очень сильной Руны глаголицы в постановке различных рассказов о Личности. Чем больше силовой руны использование в неправильном направлении, тем устойчивее событие, приносящее боль и неудобства.

Сидят дома и не работают получая более 3000 евро в...

Французский коммунальный служащий по имени Bosko Herman из Сент-Савин,

не работает уже 10 лет и получает более 3000 евро в месяц

что в три раза больше минимального оклада по стране.



  • Всё началось в 2006 году, когда с начальником не сладилось, француз уволился и сразу же встал на пособие по безработице.

  • Согласно французским законам гос.служащие после увольнения, в случае отсутствия работы для гражданина, работодатели выплачивают ему 75 % процентов от его былой зарплаты.

  • Остальные 25 % процентов выплачиваются как и всем обычным работникам в стране, из накопленных бонусов предусмотренных в каждой белой зарплате по стране.

То есть высчитывается налог с зарплаты на соц.службы и на пенсии с пособием в случае безработицы.

Если бы он не был гос.служащим, то получал бы лишь 25% процентов от заплаты в период равный наработанным месяцам и годам.

  • Здесь же Боско стал безработным в 45 лет, сейчас ему 55, а на пенсию он выйдет в 2023 году.

  • За последний год ему не подошла ни одна из более чем 50 вакансий.

Муниципалитет может дальше выплачивать ему пособия, а он делать вид что ищет работу. Наверно так и рассчитывает дотянуть до пенсии.

Аналогичный случай у француза из департамента социального обеспечения, он получает 3,500 евро в месяц сидя дома вот уже 12 лет подряд.

М. Симон обнаружил мошенничество компании, в которой он работал, на милионы евро, после этого начальство сказало ему сидеть дома и стало выплачивать пособие.

После закрытия дочерней компании Французского аналога РЖД, он остался без работы и теперь он начал судебную тяжбу, подав иск на начальство, обвинив их в том, что они разрушили его карьеру.


Вот так-то умело можно не работать и наслаждаться жизнью

 грамотно используя французские социальные законы.

Социология брат.

UFO filmed in France at night, May 1, 2016 the object in orbit

Location: Vendée, France


Date of sighting: 1 May 

eyewitness description

This is not a satellite because the light came directly up to about 50 ° and it was stationary. At one point, something weird happens to the light. What is it ??

Ce n’est pas un satellite car la lumière est apparue directement à la hauteur de 50° environ et elle était stationnaire . À un moment , quelque chose de bizarre passe devant la lumière . Qu’est-ce que c’est ??

Billions of cicadas prepare to invade Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,...

Billions of cicadas prepare to invade Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

For 17 years, cicadas do very little. They hang out in the ground, sucking sugar out of tree roots. Then, after this absurdly long hibernation, they emerge from the ground, sprout wings, make a ton of noise, have sex, and die within a few weeks. Their orphan progeny will then return to the ground and will live the next 17 years in silence.

Over the next several weeks, billions of mid-Atlantic cicadas will hear the call of spring and emerge from their cozy bunkers. This year’s group is known as Brood V, and they were born in 1999 during the spring the first Star Wars prequel bewildered moviegoers.

But while they will emerge in biblical numbers, they’ll be blanketing only a small slice of the country.

Cicadas appear every year on the East Coast, though every year it’s a different 17-year crew that wakes up (Note: There are some 13-year broods of cicadas in the Southeast, too.) Emerging in these humongous yearly batches is likely an evolutionary strategy. There are so many cicadas, all at once, that predators (like birds or small mammals) can’t make a meaningful dent in their numbers.

In sum, the broods lay claim to much of the eastern United States, stretching from New England to Oklahoma. You can see all the United States broods on this US Forest Service map below.

This year, it’s Brood V’s turn (shown in purple). The brood mainly lives in Ohio and West Virginia, with some members spilling over to Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. (Not pictured: The cicada enthusiast website Cicada Mania reports some may even emerge in Long Island’s Suffolk County.)

Here’s a closer look at where Brood V lives, according to the Forest Service. (You can see more cicada brood maps on its website). Note that the brood hasn’t taken up residence in the major metropolitan areas of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, or Washington, DC. Cleveland, however, is likely to see some.

Amazing Cicada life cycle – Sir David Attenborough’s Life in the Undergrowth – BBC wildlife

The X-Files files and documents about UFOs region of Australia 20th century.

The National Archives holds a number of records relating to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), flying saucers and other unidentified aerial sightings. Most of these records date from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, when public interest in UFOs was high and many sightings were reported to Commonwealth authorities.

There was no specific government agency responsible for the collecting and analysing these sightings, so responsibility fell on the Department of Air. The Department collected reports from defence force members, pilots and air traffic controllers, meteorologists and the general public. During the peak of interest in UFOs the department investigated some reports, trying to establish whether the sighting could be attributed to low flying aircraft, weather balloons or meteorological phenomena.

Reports were also collected by other agencies involved in air safety, research and intelligence, including the CSIRO, the Joint Intelligence Organisation, the Weapons Research Establishment at Maralinga, and the Department of Transport. The Department of Territories kept reports from Papua New Guinea.

UFO High Impact – Westall and the amazing wave of 1966 – 50th anniversary

By Australian UFO expert BILL CHALKER

 are some personal images that reflect my own engagement with that awesome year in Australian UFO history: 

being interviewed by the History Channel on Tully with Sydney Harbour bridge as backdrop

with Albert Pennisi, the owner of Horseshoe Lagoon – site of the famous daylight UFO incident in January 1966 – photo with Albert taken at UFO Research Qld’s 2006 conference; 

the 3 “UFO amigos” at Westall in 2006 – Shane Ryan, George Simpson and me; at the Westall UFO theme park in 2015

at Westall school in 2005

in the Department of Defence in 1982 taking over the DPR’s desk examining the RAAF’s UFO files

at Burkes Flat in 1980 pointing at the tree that Ron Sullivan hit in 1966 when his car headlight beams bent in the presence of a UFO (Gary Taylor tragically died colliding with the same tree a few days later)

with the 2 powerhouses behind the excellent documentary Westall ’66 – a suburban UFO mystery – Carmel McAloon & Rosie Jones in 2006 at Westall

drawing reconstruction of Victor Zackary’s Westall experience in 1966.

1966 was an extraordinary year for high impact UFO events. Tully, Burkes Flat and Westall are the most prominent of these. There are other physical trace stories and events far stranger, such as apparent abduction events during that same year, long before such experience became a major part of the generally accepted UFO controversy. There is much more to be revealed about the extraordinary year of 1966.


https://t.co/hvL60wwELQ — XissUFOtoday Space (@xufospace) August 3, 2021 Жаждущий ежик наслаждается пресной водой после нескольких дней в о...