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Diabetes Device Many people suffering from diabetes need to…

Diabetes Device

Many people suffering from diabetes need to check their blood glucose levels frequently to avoid the risk of dangerous complications such as a coma or heart attack. This means they need to prick their fingers and produce small drips of blood often multiple times a day. To make this daily chore more pleasant, and possibly eliminate it completely, researchers have developed a wearable device (shown) that uses a special laser technology called Raman spectroscopy to monitor glucose levels in the skin. In a study of healthy people whose glucose levels were tested before and at regular intervals after a glucose drink, measurements with the spectroscopy device were equally as accurate as finger prick tests. If the device can be confirmed as accurate in patients, and can be miniaturised into a continuously wearable form, it may be possible to replace finger prick tests altogether.

Today is World Diabetes Day

Written by Ruth Williams

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