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tribeshare: Tribe Share Prompt Autumn 2018This is the first challenge prompt for a...


Tribe Share Prompt

Autumn 2018

This is the first challenge prompt for a new creative

sharing blog managed by The Silicon Tribesman. You can submit any form of

creative work such as poetry, prose, scriptwriting, photography, visual art,

sculpture or textile art (as photography), animated work or film. This list is

not exhaustive and you may have other creative ideas!

The Tribe Share blog

looks to provide a common platform for creative works inspired by ancient

history or the natural world.
Please note that unrelated topics, however

interesting, are unlikely to be reblogged or shared.

Your work must be inspired by one or more of the following three prompts:

  1. – Hunter Gatherers in


  2. – Under This Stone

  3. – Of Mice and Mead

Please read the

general guidelines and policies on the Tribeshare Blog site before you submit

any work.

Submissions must be posted first on your site and tagged

with #tribeshareprompt or #tribesharepromptAut18

More general submissions inspired by the themes of ancient

history or the natural world should be tagged with #tribeshare.

The deadline for ALL submissions for this challenge is Friday 12th of October 2018 at Midnight GMT.

Submissions received later than this time will not be considered or


Please note that submissions must not be sent via messaging

or by other means than those outlined.

I will try to ensure that your creative work is reblogged

promptly but please be patient at times. Please also remember that inspiration

does not mean that you must explicitly mention one or more of the prompts in

your work. They are creative springboards, nothing more. Good luck!

Hope you are all up for a challenge!

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