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The stone plates with petroglyphs menhirs in India

There are 171 menhir stones that have been found at Vangchhia, a village in the Champai district of Mizoram.

Location in Mizoram, India

Coordinates: 23.2035497°N 93.3332252°E

Country India

State Mizoram

District Champhai

Block Khawbung

Elevation 5,384 ft

Menhirs bearing enigmatic engravings were by no means unique to Vangchhia. These structures which the experts believe can unravel previously unknown facts about the Mizo community and could also be an indication to a long lost city or traces of a greater ancient civilization in the North eastern part of India.

What is most enchanting about Vangchhia is Pipute Lamlian!” Roughly translatable as “ancestors’ pathway”, the apparent remains of a footpath that meets in Vangchhia forks out in three directions — north, south and east — but has not yet been touched by the archaeologists’ trowels and hand-brooms.

Entire clusters of menhirs in smaller densities are spread across the eastern hill range of Mizoram at sites near the villages of Vangchhia, Farkawn, Lianpui, Khankawn, Khawbung, Vaphai and Dungtlang, while apparently ancient iron artefacts and old pots, both broken and whole, have been recently unearthed at Zawlsei and Khawbung. Dungtlang, in addition, has a vast hilltop site across which is spread across what appears to be the remains of an ancient settlement — stone blocks arranged as if they were once dwellings, and small man-made caves topped with menhirs taller than the average full-grown man.

Please note that there are two places by the same name:

1) Vangchhia is a village in the Champhai district of Mizoram, India.

2) Vangchhia, Myanmar (Burma), which is 238.2 km from the first place where the megalithic structures have been found.

There are 171 menhir stones that have been found at Vangchhia, a village in the Champai district of Mizoram. https://xissufotoday.space/2017/01/stone-plates-petroglyphs-menhirs-india/

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