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Sasanian Empire, Shapur II (AD 309-379), Gold Dinar, bearded…

Sasanian Empire, Shapur II (AD 309-379), Gold Dinar, bearded bust right, wearing turreted headdress, globe above, rev fire altar, 7.26g (Mitchiner 870).  Ex-mount, edge marks and smoothed surfaces, slightly wavy flan, fine and scarce.

I have a soft spot for the Sassanians, mostly because they were the other great world power in my period, and unlike the Romans, they had it all, and all together in this period. Shapur II, the longest reigning Sassanian Emperor, claimed descent from divinities, primarily from the Zoroastrian pantheon. He was, however, the last emperor to claim that status. His reign ushered in a golden age and he led two successful campaigns against the Romans.

Numismatically, Shapur II is interesting because he was, primarily, a recycler. Most of the bronze coinage from his reign was made by restriking Roman bronze coins that he stole in battle. His gold coins were rare, but were designed in a way that shamed the Romans, being both purer and heavier than the solidi struck by his neighbors.

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