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Punic city of Kerkouane and its necropolis. Tunisia

They are the only examples of Punic architecture that have not undergone modifications by later civilizations. The city was probably destroyed and abandoned during the first Punic war, in the middle of the third century BC. C. and was not rebuilt by the Romans.

The city covers an area of ​​approximately eight hectares and is estimated to have an approximate population of 2000 inhabitants. Although situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it has no port: boats and fishermen were to take refuge in two coves located near the city while the older boats could dock in the port of Aspis, now Kélibia.

The residential districts and the public, civil and religious buildings are arranged according to a plan of urbanism elaborated within the wall constituted by two enclosures separated by an intermediate street. The streets cross orthogonally and impose a grid on the city. The architecture is distinguished by the diversity of materials and construction techniques used.

The urban hydraulic system is remarkable: it had drainage of dirty water, the cistern, the pipes carved for rainwater, etc. Each house had its bathroom that was located near the entrance lobby. Two large Punic sanctuaries are located in the heart of the city and not in the periphery as is generally the case for Roman cities.

fuente: Túnez

   foto: Richard Mortel

foto: Richard Mortel

  foto: Richard Mortel


foto: Richard Mortel

foto: Richard Mortel

Beyond the perimeter of the city have been excavated four necropolis, between which two are very close to the cliffs. The northern one seems to have been reserved for children who were buried in jars then deposited in holes, while the south was reserved for the burial of adults who were directly buried in holes. The other two necrópolis have classic bóvédas with a staircase, a dromos and a burial chamber elaborated with sandstone and whose funerary furniture is important and similar to the one of Carthage.


fuente: Mahdi Jwini – مهدي الجويني

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