среда, 9 мая 2018 г.

Eyes on the Sky: Find & observe Messier 1, the Crab Nebula

http://www.eyesonthesky.com Being the first Messier object, one might think that the Crab Nebula would be easy to see. Under very dark skies? Somewhat. Under light pollution? Not so much! This video is to help people who have never seen Messier 1 (or have trouble finding it) learn how to locate this elusive remains of an exploded star near one horn of Taurus. See what's up in the night sky every week with "Eyes on the Sky" videos, astronomy made easy. From “First Light Guides” designed to help amateur astronomers find, locate and learn about interesting objects in the cosmos, to Telescope / Stargazing Basics videos, along with other “Here’s how to use your telescope” videos and reviews, Eyes on the Sky is dedicated to making it easier for everyone to access the great natural resource that exists over everyone’s head, just outside their door.

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