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133 rock cut tombs discovered in South East Turkey

Archaeological surface survey and cleaning works in the ancient site of Kızılkoyun and the outskirts of a historic castle in the southeastern Turkish province of Şanlıurfa (Haleplibahçe district) have discovered 133 rock-cut tombs and five mosaics dating to the Hellenistic (Osroene Kingdom), Roman and Byzantine periods.

133 rock-cut tombs discovered in south-eastern Turkey

Works that started in the region last year around Balıklıgöl, the historic castle and the Archaeology and Mosaic Museum, have been carried out by archaeologists and specialists.

Some 61 rock-cut tombs have been found in Kızılkoyun, while 72 more have been found near the castle. The tombs, which depict various motifs and figures, have now been taken under protection. Among the motifs on the site are tombs featuring humans, flowers and snakes.

133 rock-cut tombs discovered in south-eastern Turkey

Officials reported that the caverns and mosaics would be cleaned and opened to tourism.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, who visited the area, said the artefacts would be protected in their original places.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [January 18, 2017]


Source TheArchaeologyNewsNetwork

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