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Fragment, a logical key

In the previous article of Logic Exercise, about the fig. 4,

I left the reader with the observation and judgment of two sequences of pictures

excavations of ’79 MP. The answers, not many, are malignant and tend to

conclusion to propose to exchange the sequence: the first click is to

right and the second one on the left.

All preliminary matter, however, which is not easy because the distance and

angle are different …

We assume that the sequence is that given in Fig. 4

the previous post.

In the advancement of the excavation, the pictures prove:

that the head of the boxer emerged is that still

performed, intact.

that over your head there is the shield, as stated in the dida

(V. Fig. 4 previous post)

In summary the photos tell us that the allegations, the suspicions, finance

ridicule, they are malice and stupidity.

Fig. 1 The caption of the excavation archaeologists ’79 reads as is visible fragment of the shield over the head of a boxer, he emerged intact, as shown in the photo on the right. Even the connection between the head and shield is no trace

We observe well the shield fragment of the Fig. 1 place

over the head. It is slightly curved and curved end

suddenly. It is a fragment

rather it characterized, hardly confused. It is also quite large,

as the head of the boxer, but I see it embedded or in the shield of

boxer of Cagliari, above its natural end or above that of Cabras.

Where did you go? There is at its logical place as

found. I have few photos of the shield from below or above, but for those that I

found, eg fig. 2, the fragment is not placed.

Fig. 2. In this file (prof. Mondazzi) there is a fragment of del’79 excavation. Even the fragment was placed in the boxer shield Cabras

Deductions of

sequence of excavation are:

the two photos are instrumental to prove the authenticity of the head freshly dug and the shield certainty leading the boxer.

The head is authentic and dida shield on his head was a mistake

The head was put “posing” and the shield fragment was lost, or forgotten, or it was found that it was not a shield fragment

everything is authentic, both pictures, is reconstruction, according to the confirmed hypothesis of Lilliu and C.

Each course can choose. I tend to

deduction 1.

I reserve the right to verify visually the two shields and if the photos

do not they let me see the fragment effectively placed, especially if the

Treviso-Alghero flights will be restored. Some things are really sardines

incomprehensible. It is a truism that Ryanair for Sardinian tourism counts a thousand

times more than the Department of Tourism of the Region, who is still thinking

how to enhance the island’s archaeological heritage

Source Archeologia Nuragica

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