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Explanation of Crop Circles and Ancient Aliens

Explanation of Crop Circles and Ancient Aliens

Explanation of crop circles, ancient aliens, history of the Masons and the Knights Templar

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In this film, we will tell about the found artifacts of the south of France, related to aliens, as we call them Sumerians.

Under this classification are all hybrid entity of biological and technical origin. As well as the energy entity angels, demons and so on.

See the association between the Masons and the Knights Templar, as their historical designations and titles, and also get closer to solving the mystery of the origin of crop circles.

Be warned that all said later in the film, our personal opinion of the author TAM World Secrets. Projects This is a Russian, and English language information on this site

I will begin with that in the south France, near the mountain range the Pyrenees, in Lourdes city in 1907, during the destruction of one of the old churches, a plurality of closed coffins were found, which were made of solid granite, which extracted from the rock, by a fantastic way.

Coffins, and also those found in the same region artifacts depicting the alien humanoid and ancient runic Scandinavia Slavic writing, dated back to the 17th century.

The material from which extracted coffins, was taken to a nearby Beout mountain to the city.

The material from which extracted coffins, was taken to a nearby Beout mountain to the city.

When viewing the stone material production site, it is clear that the mountain is composed of granite, it becomes clear that it is the place of manufacture of sarcophagi, was cut out of the rock solid piece of granite, were deepening the section where the extracted sarcophagi and covers.

It looks as if the material is not cut down, and digging, and gently scraped and removed from the rock as the ice melted.

Alien extraction of stone material

All up and down rock looks like melt butter or cream, for simplicity and clarity of comparison.

In some places, the extraction megalithic monoliths, one can see traces of melted stone mass as small-solidified streams that ran from the peak.

Technology of stone softening, melting of solid materials

The structure of the rock surface looks very smooth and unruffled. In some places visible cracks in the granite, which could occur with a sharp cooling softened up plasticine stone condition. Such melted rock can be found in the megalithic sites in South America.

Megalithic complex in Peru

I suppose that the special mysterious energy that melted rock, this energy can transform matter and is controlled the power of thought.

The power of thought

Part of the coffins was transferred to the Castle Museum of Lourdes, but besides coffins found in the ancient church of stone steles and crosses with inscriptions and images. At one of these crosses depicted humanoid alien, and nearby there are other inscriptions with runes.

These runes are the Sumerians, the aliens as they are now describe just such a gray extraterrestrial depicted of the cross from Lourdes.

Image of an alien on the ancient artifact

The confirmation is the fact that these runes on the spacecraft of Sumerians and describe those who have had contact with the so-called UFOs or was abducted by them.

Abducted by aliens

Compare inscriptions of UFO debris from Nevada with an ancient writing
Compare inscriptions of UFO debris from Nevada with an ancient writing

Similar runes have been found on the site of UFOs crash in the United States and Kyrgyzstan.

Comparison of the inscriptions on the crashed UFO of Kyrgyzstan of an ancient writing
Comparison of the inscriptions on the crashed UFO of Kyrgyzstan of an ancient writing

Special attention should be another image, which is visible form of some of the aircraft in the form of a flying saucer, a very common form of UFOs.

Historians write that during the excavation the bones inside the coffins were found.

Perhaps, in these sarcophagi were humanoids Sumerians who dwelt among the people, at that time, and this is the 17th century according to the dates on the crosses.

The Sumerians were among the people, and taught their performers Masons servants, then humanoids, done the the mission, died and were buried in coffins.

In the process of global geopolitical alterations, in the bustle of forgot about them until the 20th century.

Masonic Lodge, the view from the inside
Masonic Lodge, the view from the inside

In the late 19th to the early 20th century, even before the findings of coffins in Lourdes, in the nearby town of Tarbes, the Masonic Order began construction of the temple to its meetings, as in the Order were influential and rich people of the region, they quickly found out about the discovery and they flaw found remains in the coffins.

Stele and crosses with unusual image is everywhere, not only in Lourdes but also in nearby villages in the Pyrenees mountain range.

Ancient artifacts lost writing

They can be seen in addition to the Russian and Slavic runes solar symbols of the ancient swastika.

The same characters, swastikas and similar runic inscriptions can be seen on the ancient Syrian manuscripts from the Middle East went propagation of the Christian religion, many of the Apocrypha were written in this language.

Ancient letter, apocryphal, descended from heaven
The ancient book found in the Middle East

Ancient letter, apocryphal, descended from heaven
Early Christian documents

In Syria, in those days we lived Slavic tribes of North Africa, as in Syria, the headquarters of the formation of the Masons – the Knights Templar, before they were part of a single elite that doeth the will Sumer and rulers of stars space systems.

But there was a split of power, division, at Masons the Westerners who were to rule in the US and Europe. Templars They where not disappeared, and regrouped at the end of 19th century, to the territory of the Russian Empire. Two clan feuding among themselves on this day.

After the discoveries of sarcophagi of Lourdes, similar sarcophagi were found in the neighboring villages, they are marked by circles on the map.

Now in the neighboring villages is difficult to find sarcophagi, their likely altered for the flower beds, to decorate gardens or for other purposes.

Hundreds of kilometers to the east of Lourdes, on the plains of the southern French Alps, is another ancient church in which there is a necropolis with granite sarcophagi from solid blocks.

Stone coffins

They range in size from less than one meter to two meters in length. On one of the sarcophagi is clearly seen common Masonic symbols, that these three characters.

You can see the symbols of the mandala, which is very similar to the stone crosses and sometimes repeat exactly characters that appear in crop circles, in recent decades in different countries.

We assume that the symbols on the crosses and circles coincide in the fact that the crosses are taken from the graves of deceased relatives of Masonic elite clans.

Crop circles and ancient symbols

Crop circles and ancient symbols

Even in modern burial crosses can be seen similar characters as the purpose of the symbols from the population know only Masons, there are buried or their relatives or themselves Masons who have lived for centuries, is their average life expectancy which is supported by the Sumerians and rejuvenation technology at the disposal of Masons.

Crop circles and ancient symbols

Now the Sumerians to communicate with their servants used a variety of methods, their servants is Masons. The Sumerians used a particular runic matrix, as a certain code.

Coded information the Sumerians pass through the crop circles.

This way through crop circles, Freemasons matrix through a similar deal with the Sumerians

Crop circles and ancient symbols

But even the masons left in complete illusion.

The ruling elite did not see their masters.

Each clan has a certain Masonic function.

This is indicated in the crop circles, through a certain character.

Crop circles and ancient symbols

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