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Chevron amari


Franco Laner


mean by Chevron? – asks me among others Giorgio Pala, dear friend Sardinian

(Even egregious deserves explanation to understand well because I use that

adjective). – You know the Citroen logo? What! –


with chevron of the universal symbolism starting from the Paleolithic, it does not

relationship. Mr. Citroen used it for a patent of its toothed wheels V and

He remained as the logo for the cars that he built with his brother.


Lady of the chevron is Marija Gimbutas, Lithuanian, a professor in the US, with

the equally great J. Cambell. His book “Language of the Goddess”

Longanesi, 1992 I think there is in the library of every archaeologist, as I

I have in my facsimile copy of Palladio.

Figure 1 From Gimbutas. Symbols jeweled V typical archetype of the mother goddess. The symbol of the presence reworked in the culture of Ozieri (3800 a.Cr.) from Monte ceramics of Accodi and Conca Illonis.


primitive sign of chevron is the V sign pubic which then articulates with

variants: closes a triangle, multiplies in a zig-zag pattern, it overlaps precisely

chevron, is the symbol of the bird goddess and mother goddess. To this

sign the book devotes the meanings in the various primitive civilizations. There

Gimbutas, with a truly global vision, shows a figure of the culture of

Ozieri a.Cr. 3800, where two symmetrical V form female dancing figures


I have,

I do not think I’m wrong too, a staple of approach to art and

Sardinian architecture, not only of the past.


island in the middle of the lake and Mediterranean

on whose banks have formed the great civilizations, is obliged crossroads. There

Sardinia is laboratory implements, revises and often exports that inevitably

bangs against, with additions and creativity, in continuity with its genius loci.


laboratory, like scenes painted on ceramics of Ozieri culture

V star and declined with unique interpretations, there are galore.


the burial mound of spread, swelling of pregnant mother earth, in

Mediterranean, such as the Balearic navetas, which in Sardinia becomes the Tomb

Giants, with the extraordinary adjunction exedra and the stele with

Symbolism nether-earth-sky.


Saccargia, beautiful reworking of the Tuscan Romanesque.

we return

the chevron symbol of fertility, of procrezione, life. the Gimbutas

recommended not mean the V and combinations as decoration: would

simplistic and devoid of inference

Archaeological. The sign is steeped in sacred and depicted on everything

It pertains to sacred rites and ceremonies.


sign, especially in its declination zigzags and chevrons, it is present in the

fragments of Monte Prama and the crowning of the towers of the cosmological

so-called nuraghe models (2).



Fig. 2. From Monte Prama. Crowning of the central tower with iteration of symbolic V.

I succeed

sooner or later convince the Sardinian archaeologists do not call it that these

symbols, altars, which are model of the cosmos, icon, mandala, always around

the world, such as Africa, the Middle and Far East, etc.? You can sometimes, leave the

provincialism which characterizes their nuragica search? Please read the documents

the internazionele conference on archeology in Sardinia in 1929 where the model

It belongs to the sacred also for Taramelli (! yes that the nuraghe fortress, large

Master of Lilliu on nuraghe fortress) where the bronzes (Ittireddu) are

interpreted as a temple model, which

It is built in harmony with cosmological vision.


once and for all. If the nuraghi are fortresses, why make a model?

We arrive

to the point and I would like that he shared, at least for a while, and discouragement

disappointment to read the caption to a picture of the top of

tower with V repeated in an edited book of Sardinian archaeologists of Monte

Prama, which reads, in commenting on the crowning of the signs: “The decoration

Triangular probably indicates the wooden parapet ”


Bitterness and pain, including physical, comes over me and empties.


here still. I may long debate whether the nuraghi have never had the parapet,

but I sense that nobody cares,

But transforming a sacred symbol in a parapet, he annihilates.

In the decoration of the gang of an archer, I hope you see the photocopy, the

parallel horizontal lines are interrupted by V iterated.


parapets? What is feared that helmets below?

Fig. 3.

Egregious working band, stole, an archer with obvious iteration

the propitiatory symbol V between the horizontal lines.

Source Archeologia Nuragica

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