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Уфологисты-аферисты в сетях, без иллюзий.

Уфологисты-аферисты в сетях, без иллюзий.
Иногда дезинформация приобретает всемирный масштаб и реальные факты теряются в потоке информации.

Ответ специалиста по видео монтажу и спецэффектам.

PROOF UFOs are real… and fake! Watch UFO Theater now!

Exposing the deception

UFO Theater Episode 2: Mysterious Disappearance, Exploitation and Shrinking UFOs

The Best UFO Catalog

Speedebunking: Secureteam 10

Speedebunking: Thirdphaseofmoon is Dumb, Thinks You’re Dumber

Debunking of Thirdphaseofmoon channel’s video “New Stealth TR-3B!! UFO Sightings ET Craft Or Military Florida Coast”.

Speedebunking: WTF Flow

Analysis and debunking of several videos from the hoax UFO channel “WTF Flow”.

Speedebunking: Swedish Snowmobile UFO, The Final Analysis

Analysis of the Swedish Snowmobile UFO that was previously debunked by Hoaxkiller and continues to circulate through the online UFOlogy community.

Mars Madness: If The Insane Things “Discovered” in Mars Photos Really Existed

When hoaxers lack the motivation and talent to make videos, they can always throw something together with Mars images and Photoshop. We counter with fundebunking!

Speedebunking: Swiss Alps UFO Hoax

Debunking of Triangular UFO Over The Alps, Switzerland On July 14, 2015. The Swiss Alps UFO hoax created by 07TV just won’t fly. It stutters. 

HOAXPLOSION! Thirdphaseofmoon Blows Up

Debunking, mockery and detonation of the Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube channel, including:

– UFO Experts Cant Explain This!!! TEXAS FLYING SAUCER!

– UFO Sightings Controversial Footage UFO Abductee Shares Shocking UFO Video

– WHOA!! UFO Sightings New TR3B Revealed Close Up Footage!

– Wicked Looking UFO Over Manila Philippines Broad Daylight! UFO Sightings April 2015

– WOW 2015 BIG UFO!! False Flag Flying Saucer Black Ops UFO Sighting

– UFO Sightings 10 Bizarre UFO Encounters! Shocking Accounts 2015

On The Wings of Fail: Secureteam 10

Debunking Tyler Glockner and the Secureteam 10 Channel, a creator of UFO hoaxes including:

– UFO Caught Stalking Child for Possible Abduction

– Alien Ship Caught Sending Scouts Over Florida

– Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas!

– Witness of Major Texas UFO Cube & Portal Sighting Breaks Silence

– Giant Body Behind Saturn

– Stunning OFF-WORLD Alien Ship Captured By Father & Son

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