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Biofield of humans and animals

A woman is able to perfectly harmonize Yoga asanas and distributes the received energy perfectly from the ether on her own biofield. Cats steal energy from the Woman. The energy of the etheric field around her body is distributed very quickly, due to her correct concentration, but the cats manage to de-energize the hostess. A cat who stands at the head touches a nose directly into the bridge of the nose, sucking up energy from Ajahna. Gray cat, who, having lifted his tail, stuck to the Source (crotch between the legs - groin), pumped energy from the Muldahara chakra. Both cats pump energy from the chakras synchronously, in the same and the same short time. If a woman practiced yoga without animals, then due to her right concentration, she would discover in herself the supernormal abilities of perception. The X-people in reality.

кот энергия биополе вор воруют у человека Женщина умеет прекрасно гармонизировать асаны Йоги и энергию по своему телу, отлично распределяет полученную энергию из эфира по собственному биополю. Коты воруют энергию у Женщины. Энергия эфирного поля вокруг её тела распределяется очень быстро, благодаря её правильной концентрации, но кошки успевают обесточить хозяйку. Кошка, кто стоит у головы прикасается носиком прямо в переносицу, отсасывая энергию у Аджаны. Серый кот, кто, подняв хвост приклеился к Истоку, перекачивал энергию из чакры Мулдахара.
  YARAISTOK Russian name, and according to Hindu the first chakra of Muldahara, is located in the perineum of the genital organs
The Ajna sixth chakra is in the area between the eyebrows or in the middle of the forehead. Source Woman Documents The Difficulty Of Working Out With Cats by LandofCats  

The dog sees the pierced biofield of the Woman of the Source Chakra and "protects" the hostess from the exercises, from the person for whom she does this exercise. A woman is in close connection with a sexual partner and tries to keep her body in shape. But her sexual partner pumps energy out of the body. The dog understands this and interferes with his mistress. Some dogs see video images and pumping out biological energy in a person's biofield.

Source  Needy Dog Refuses To Let Owner Exercise by Tripwire      

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