понедельник, 16 апреля 2018 г.

30$ cheap hd camera for filming meteors and UFOs at night

I use “Vstarcam” WIFI IP cam

But the company does not matter at all similar technologies

Filming bright meteor from the Perseid August 14, 2016

Camera test

A remote camera can rotate 350 horizontally and 120 vertically.

It can be operated without the Internet or to the Internet through a LAN cable or WiFi.

The ability to browse through the tablet or smartphone from anywhere via the Internet.

Night Mode BW

0.3 Lux with IR full spectrum

Color up to 0.8 Lux

Ir cut filter during daylight.


Record on a memory SD card, server or PC (only via LAN).

Motion detector is in the camera, but it is not applicable and is useless for the sky.

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