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The skulls of unknown creatures, Alien, Russia

Some scientists argue that this alleged skull mountain sheep or goat.


If you compare the skull of a goat, and not being known, then there are no similarities.
 No mouth and eyes to another location, that’s what first catches the eye when considering the findings.

If reconstruct the appearance of being, it will be shorter just like a picture from the movie “Predator”.

Like an alien from the movie Predator, instead of the small mouth tentacles moving, such as in octopus.
Since the small holes are not suitable for the mouth is opening for the muscles and blood vessels shupalets, if we assume that it was some kind of Chupacabra, the tentacles of such a creature could attack the prey, and drink – to suck the blood of the victims to be fed.

The Bolshoi Tjach mountain 

In January 2016, a story appeared in the English alternative media and websites about two strange skulls found in Russia. The story had been translated from a Russian newspaper. However the translator seems to have mixed two different stories, the one of the find of the skulls, and the one of the find of the Nazi Ahnanerb coffer and ring (the Ahnanerb was the archaeological department of Nazi Germany). Both were found in different locations in the Caucasian mountains. The confusion stems from the fact that the skulls are housed in a fossil and artifact museum that also harbors found Nazi objects from the Nazi occupation of that region in the Second World War. As this chapter deals with only strange skulls, I will be limiting myself to the skulls.

The interior of the museum

The skulls are housed in a small museum in the town of Kamennomostsky (Каменномостский), in the Republic of Adygea, which is is a federal subject of Russia, located near the Black Sea. The town is a few dozen miles from the city of Maikop (Майкоп). The museum in this town is called Belovode (Беловодье).  Kamennomostsky is a village that many tourists go through to go into the mountains.

Vladimir Malikov is the owner of Belovode. His museum is a tourist attraction that houses all kinds of objects found in the region. It has a large fossil collection, saurian bones, and all kinds of other artifacts. It also has artifacts from the Nazi occupation of that region. It has been noticed that these Nazi objects are all in good condition,  which has led to the supposition that he has found a well preserved cache.

Vladimir Malikov said that two years ago, cavers had found two unusual skulls in a cave on the mountain Bolshoi Tjach (Большой Тхач), which is about 50 miles southeast of Kamennomostsky.

One of the two skulls is very unusual. Malikov says that the presence of the hole at the bottom of the skull where the spine attaches, proves that this creature was walking upright on two legs. It is also very unusual that the skull dos not have a cranial vault as with humans. It also has no jaws. The whole head is one fixed bony enclosure. The large eye sockets arches back, and then we have horn-like extensions.

He has sent photos to paleontologists, but they could not explain it.

In another article I found that some researchers had conducted a series of tests on one of the skulls (skull#1) and found it to be about 4000 years old.

Despite being found two years ago, news of it has only gone global after a separate find of a Nazi briefcase and ring on the Elbrus mountain, which is another 100 miles southeast. The two stories were mixed together into one article that since have gone around and around.

Aside from this article and some pictures taken by people who visited the museum, there are no additional details. However Vladimir Malikov has let visitors take pictures of the skulls from all angles, and they are pretty convincing that these are real skulls. The question is: they are so strange and unusual that we can rule out any human origin, or even hominid origin. We could call them humanoid but they are very different from a normal human skull.

Video of one of the finds

For comparison, here is a human skull

The eyes are facing forward, suggesting a predator type being.

The eye cavity is stretched out and not round as with humans. Its edge is not smooth, but undulating. Especially the top part of the eye cavity rim has a saw tooth edge.

The nose holes are very small square. In a human skull the nose holes are larger and triangular in shape.

The two holes underneath, on either side have a channel running upwards and sideways. Are these additional airway passages, or places where a strong muscle  was attached?

There is no lower jaw, as with humans. The whole head is made of skull plates fused together at the sutures.

Here you can see clearly that the skull arches backwards and sideways in two parts. It gives the impression of horns, but this is actually all part of the skull. 

The bottom is wider and has hole where the spine attaches.

Very different from a human skull.

This is what a human skull looks like from the bottom where the spine attaches:


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