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суббота, 31 марта 2018 г.

HiPOD (31 March 2018): Dark Dunes on a Crater Floor    The dune…

HiPOD (31 March 2018): Dark Dunes on a Crater Floor 

   The dune type can be used as an indicator for the sand supply and shows the direction of the wind at the time when the dune was built. In some cases, dark layers in crater walls with down slope running dark streaks seem to be an additional supply for the dark material inside of a crater.

lionofchaeronea:Limestone relief from an Etruscan funerary…


Limestone relief from an Etruscan funerary cippus, showing a man with a lyre between two dancers.  Artist unknown; early 5th cent. BCE.  Now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.  Photo credit: Walters Art Museum.

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How hydrogels are changing treatment


A vial of hydrogel. Image: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University

Biocompatibility in the development of new medical treatments is becoming increasingly important. Implants are traditionally made of materials foreign to the human body – from titanium to silicone – that can cause issues with system toxicity that may lead the body to reject the implant.

Like the human body, a significant proportion of the make-up of hydrogels is water – 90% compared to the body’s 60% – making them a viable modern alternative to the current standard of implants.

At the moment, focus is on the development of hydrogels in drug delivery systems, although its potential stretches further.

Inspired by nature

One such example of hydrogel innovation was developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, US, and the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Finding inspiration from the electric eel, the team created a flexible electrical device that could be used as a power source for implanted health monitors.

The electric eel generates power using transmembrane transport, whereby ion channels control the passage of cations and anions through the membrane in the eel’s electrocytes.

At rest, these ions cancel each other out. However, when triggered, the cation channels become more permeable, shifting the overall potential across the cell. In these instances, the eel can produce up to 600V of electricity.

‘The electric organs in eels are incredibly sophisticated; they’re far better at generating power than we are,’ said Michael Mayer, co-author and Biophysics Professor at the University of Fribourg. ‘But the important thing for us was to replicate the basics of what is happening.’

An electric eel. Image: Scott/Flickr

Firstly, the group dissolved sodium and chloride in the hydrogel and layers built by printing thousands of droplets of the salty gel these were alternated with hydrogel droplets of pure water. Each type of droplet could only conduct cations or anions.

Pressing cells together created a concentration gradient which is stimulated by an external electric current, creating a system similar to the electric eels.

By stacking 2,449 of these cells, Mayer says the hydrogel produced 100W, but the nature of the hydrogel’s internal resistance means the outputs of the cells is only 50µW. The team are now working to improve its efficiency.

‘Maybe the most obvious thing to think as a next step would be to try in some creative way to tap into the existing ionic gradients within the body. Much better of course would be a design where one could tap into metabolic energy to keep an artificial organ always charges,’ said Mayer.

‘That would be the ultimate achievement, but that’s very difficult to reach and we have not approached that part of the problem.’

This is an abridged version of an article by Georgina Hines for SCI – to read the rest of the report, click here.

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Nickel in the X-ray limelightMaking chemicals for industrial…

Nickel in the X-ray limelight

Making chemicals for industrial processes often requires scientists to use a catalyst—a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, reducing the amount of energy it takes to make different products.

Scientists have long considered palladium, a precious metal closely related to platinum, a star catalyst because of its highly active nature. However, because palladium is so expensive, scientists have been looking for ways to substitute another metal for the majority of the palladium involved in certain catalysts.

In a new study from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory and the University of California at Santa Barbara, scientists have identified another elemental actor that helps activate palladium while reducing the amount of the precious metal needed for reactions to occur.

By combining a smaller amount of palladium with nickel on an iron nanoparticle formation, a research team led by Argonne chemist Max Delferro and his colleague Bruce Lipshutz, a chemistry professor at the University of California-Santa Barbara, designed an inexpensive and efficient system that reduced nitro-aryl groups to amines, a chemical group important in agricultural chemicals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Read more.

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НЛО и аномалии в небе 2016 Апрель месяц часть 3

НЛО терпит аварию, отключение режима невидимости

В 21.35 над Херсоном пролетело что-то, горело каким-то бирюзовым огнём. Регистратор заснял, но не передал гамму цвета

Херсон, Херсонская область, Украина 11 апреля 2016 НЛО метеороид

Судя по скорости, объект мог не до конца сгореть в атмосфере. Скорее всего это был непознанный космический объект, один из тех НЛО, которые всё чаще, наблюдают очевидцы.

Яркий мерцающий НЛО, цилиндрический объект внутри диска


Вы можете снимать невероятные ночные феномены с ясной картинкой высокой чёткости, но для этого нужен спец прибор, никакой смартфон или камера с магазина не подойдут.

Хотите снимать такие же яркие ночное кадры в режиме видео съёмки?

Приборы для наблюдения за ночным небом и НЛО

Смотрите на нашем сайте веб камеры ночного видения на небо в Бразилии и других точках мира, 

веб камеры ночного видения  дневные и ночные на аномальною зону Колорадо.

Я прогнозирую, что в скором времени случится всепланетное нарушение режима невидимости НЛО.
Иными словами, произойдёт спад режима невидимки с НЛО спрутов.
Специальный раздел, в котором, все очевидцы НЛО и других неопознанных аномальных явлений, смогут публиковать об увиденных аномалиях в облаках или же падение метеоров метеоритов, то есть НЛО спрутов в небе, можете спокойно и смело подробно описывать свои наблюдения и отправлять их нам.

Сообщить об НЛО или Аномальных облаках, явлениях в небе.

Ликвидация « спруты », крушение НЛО плейлист

Сумеры Спруты Телепаты НЛО правда о богах пришельцах на Земле

ТАМ тайны мира 

ранее мы


о потери режима невидимки у НЛО

 в этих фильмах

НЛО спруты

Спруто НЛО аномалии в небе, Россия

Гул шум в небе, неопознанное свечение, вспышки, сияния

Гало маскировка НЛО, спрут невидимка

Гул шум в небе


Облака и аномалии в небе

НЛО треугольник новые планы Сумер технологии сумер

ТАМ тайны мира Расследуем скрытые места и секреты Китая

НЛО эпохи короля Карла Великого

Инопланетная Япония, древние артефакты пришельцев

ТАМ Тайны Мира кто был первым на Луне, Скрытое, НЛО Сигара рассказ очевидца

Никола Тесла изобрёл космолёт НЛО. Невероятные изобретения 20 века

Стоунхендж как его строили разоблачающие факты. Масоны и НЛО

Оружие Богов древние технологии Сибири Тартарии

Ликвидация спрутов, крушение НЛО плейлист

НПО «Пульсация» космос НЛО

С чем путают НЛО

Без иллюзии

Расследование ТАМ Тайны Мира

ТАМ моя маТрица мои Мысли мои Знания АЗМ расследования

He wields a laser, not a lance. France honored my ChemCam…

He wields a laser, not a lance. France honored my ChemCam instrument lead with knighthood for his work bringing together the French and American scientific communities. 🇫🇷 🇺🇸

More from Los Alamos National Laboratory:

The Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument provides information about the chemical composition of targets by zapping them with laser pulses and taking spectrometer readings of the induced sparks. It also takes detailed images through a telescope. 

Here are a couple examples:

Curiosity Rover Roving Mars for science.

Огромный провал в земле. Дагестан.

Огромной глубины провал в земле. 


Славится свалками мусора и избавления от неугодных людей, особенно женщин.


Andronovo pastoralists brought steppe ancestry to South Asia (Vagheesh et al. 2018...

Over at bioRxiv at this LINK. Below is the abstract. I’ll update this entry later today. Emphasis is mine:

The genetic formation of Central and South Asian populations has been unclear because of an absence of ancient DNA. To address this gap, we generated genome-wide data from 362 ancient individuals, including the first from eastern Iran, Turan (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan), Bronze Age Kazakhstan, and South Asia. Our data reveal a complex set of genetic sources that ultimately combined to form the ancestry of South Asians today. We document a southward spread of genetic ancestry from the Eurasian Steppe, correlating with the archaeologically known expansion of pastoralist sites from the Steppe to Turan in the Middle Bronze Age (2300-1500 BCE). These Steppe communities mixed genetically with peoples of the Bactria Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC) whom they encountered in Turan (primarily descendants of earlier agriculturalists of Iran), but there is no evidence that the main BMAC population contributed genetically to later South Asians. Instead, Steppe communities integrated farther south throughout the 2nd millennium BCE, and we show that they mixed with a more southern population that we document at multiple sites as outlier individuals exhibiting a distinctive mixture of ancestry related to Iranian agriculturalists and South Asian hunter-gathers. We call this group Indus Periphery because they were found at sites in cultural contact with the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) and along its northern fringe, and also because they were genetically similar to post-IVC groups in the Swat Valley of Pakistan. By co-analyzing ancient DNA and genomic data from diverse present-day South Asians, we show that Indus Periphery-related people are the single most important source of ancestry in South Asia — consistent with the idea that the Indus Periphery individuals are providing us with the first direct look at the ancestry of peoples of the IVC — and we develop a model for the formation of present-day South Asians in terms of the temporally and geographically proximate sources of Indus Periphery-related, Steppe, and local South Asian hunter-gatherer-related ancestry. Our results show how ancestry from the Steppe genetically linked Europe and South Asia in the Bronze Age, and identifies the populations that almost certainly were responsible for spreading Indo-European languages across much of Eurasia.

Vagheesh et al, The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia, Posted March 31, 2018, doi:
Through time AND space?
Late PIE ground zero now obvious; location of PIE homeland still uncertain, but…
Ancient herders from the Pontic-Caspian steppe crashed into India: no ifs or buts


Карта аномалий по всему миру

Всё, что не попадает в публикации официальных СМИ

Карта аномалий по всему миру в режиме реального времени

Падёж 5000 птиц за одну ночь в одной из деревень Индии

Stone balls are all over the world

Mysterious stone ball-shaped structures found throughout the world and in different distant continents.

From the harsh Arctic to the hot tropics, in different climatic and geological areas of the planet.
Stone balls are of different chemical composition, but they share one thing, they are artificial.

This is also sure of scientists and archaeologists who examined the Bosnian Pyramids, in addition to the artifacts, they also found and put in a museum of stone balls of different sizes have been found under the ground in Bosnia.

In Russia, in addition to the findings in the Arctic region, such as the stone balls.

There are also findings from more southern areas, vast and not fully studied Russian.
The find was made in 2010 in the Volgograd area.

Stone spheres previously met in large quantities in New Zealand, but in the last century, most of them destroyed or carried off in all directions.
Now these sites are under protection as a natural monument.

В Индии 7 апреля по не совсем понятной причине...

В Индии 7 апреля по не совсем понятной причине погибли 5 тысяч птиц разных видов в одной из деревушек.

Что убило тысячи птиц в Индии за одну ночь, ураган или аномалия?

Официальные СМИ пишут что причиной массового падения птиц послужил шторм который бушевал до этого.

Where Did the Easter Bunny Come From? Ask This Dead German Scientist


Depending on the age of the observer, Easter either celebrates the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or the miracle of a bipedal rabbit hatching and hiding a litter of chocolate eggs in the nooks and crannies of your home.

Where did the Easter Bunny come from, and how did the floppy-eared animal get his fuzzy tail wrapped up in one of Christianity’s holiest days? Egg-bearing rabbits, as you can imagine, appear nowhere in the New Testament. But they do — weirdly enough — appear in scientific literature.

You can see the first recorded mention of the Easter Bunny in a collection of medical essays published in Germany in 1682. According to The Royal Society, one of the odder essays in this collection is a 16-page dissertation on Easter eggs, written by a young German doctor and theology buff named Johannes Richier. Read more.

2018 March 31 Twilight in a Western Sky Image Credit &…

2018 March 31

Twilight in a Western Sky
Image Credit & Copyright: Stan Honda

Explanation: A slender crescent Moon and inner planets Venus and Mercury never wander far from the Sun in planet Earth’s skies. In the fading evening twilight of March 18, they line up near the western horizon in this atmospheric skyscape. While the celestial scene was enjoyed around the world, this photo captures the trio, with fainter Mercury at the far right, above the crags of Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas. Tonight the Moon will be full though, and rise opposite the Sun. Look for it high in the sky at midnight, near bright star Spica.

∞ Source:

Каменные шары находят по всему миру

Таинственные каменные шарообразные структуры встречаются по всему миру и на разных отдалённых континентах.

От суровой Арктики до жарких тропиков, в разных климатических и геологических районах Планеты.

Каменные шары имеют разный химический состав, но их объединяет одно, они искусственного происхождения.

В этом так же, в этом уверены учёные и археологи, которые исследуют Боснийские Пирамиды, помимо артефактов, они так же находят и выставляют в музей каменные шары разных размеров, найденные под землёй в Боснии.

В России помимо находок в Арктическом регионе, таких же каменных шаров.

Есть так же находки, из более южных областей, необъятной и до конца не исследованной России.

Находка была сделана в 2010 в Волгоградском районе.

Каменные шары, ранее в огромных количествах встречались в Новой Зеландии, но в последние века большую их часть разрушили или растащили кто куда.

Сейчас эти объекты находятся под охранной как природные памятники.

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