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The Most Amazing Paracas Elongated Skull Found So Far; New Born Baby

What you are looking at, above, is the mummified head and partial neck of a baby from the Paracas culture of Peru that died between 2000 and 2800 years ago, as that was the lifespan of that coastal culture. It was likely a newborn, or perhaps 3 months old at the time of death.

The arrows above indicate the positions of the eye sockets and mouth. As you can see, the skull is extremely elongated, and could well indicate that this child was born with a naturally, and genetically elongated head, and not the result of cranial deformation.

The arrow in the above photo points to the very fine hair of the baby, which is auburn red in colour; not the typical jet black colour of Native American people. This, along with the elongation, shows clear genetic differentiation from what one would normally expect.

Again, the photo above shows the positioning of the left eye socket and mouth. DNA testing of this individual is presently under consideration, to be conducting via the correct channels and protocols.

Finally, note, in the above photo and on the left, the position of the vertebral column. It is much further to the back of the skull than normal, and could well indicate that it is an evolutionary adaptation to compensate for the elongated skull.

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