среда, 3 января 2018 г.

Men-an-Tol Bronze Age Site, Cornwall, 28.12.17.This is my first…

Men-an-Tol Bronze Age Site, Cornwall, 28.12.17.

This is my first visit to this site after seeing it in so many books and online. I’m still not so sure what to make of it; it is so unlike all other prehistoric sites that I don’t really know whether it preserves the integrity of a prehistoric location any more. Sure there are standing stones in some formation but the holed stone just doesn’t fit in; a later addition? I’d like to think that it was something unique and ritualistic but why don’t we see such individualisation of other sites around the UK? Anyway, I was pleased to finally see whatever is preserved from the prehistoric past for myself on a wet, windy day in December.

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