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Grimspound Bronze Age Enclosed Settlement Perimeter Exterior,…

Grimspound Bronze Age Enclosed Settlement Perimeter Exterior, Dartmoor, 2712.17.

Grimspound is a massive prehistoric Bronze Age enclosed settlement. On the site a number of round houses are enclosed by a large stone wall occupying 1.45 hectares. On Dartrmoor there are approximately 490 other enclosures although this is one of the finest examples.

The substantial wall is possibly the most striking feature of the site; it is a tumbled mass of between 5 to 9m wide and approximately 1.5m high. A closer look at the wall suggests that it is in fact two walls separated by a 1m gap. Originally the gap may have been filled by stone and rubble. It may have been originally capped by earth. The site seems to have been deliberately sited to include Grims Lake, a small stream that runs through the north of the site. 

Three entrances are visible to the enclosure although two may be breaches. The south eastern entrance (image one) is the original which opens to the slopes of Hamel Down. This original entrance is a 2m wide paved passageway.

The site also includes a series of internal pens or enclosures (image five); their likely purpose may well have been to hold animals but this is not conclusive.

On a winter’s day the site was exposed and cold; it must have been a harsh existence for those that occupied the site between 4000 and 3500 years ago even in milder weather and climes.

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