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First snow in Iceland This photo comes from a popular tourism…

First snow in Iceland

This photo comes from a popular tourism and hiking area in Iceland known as the Landmannalaugar. It is located about 25 kilometers west of one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes, Hekla. These mountains are made of a variety of lava flow types and they have been gradually eroded into the flatter plains in-between.

On a summer day, these hills would take a variety of colors due to the different compositions of the rocks. Here though, on this shot from September of 2013, the colors have been muted into simply whites and shades of grey by the first snowfall of the year.

The volcanoes and hot springs of this portion of the country are fed by the Icelandic hot spot. The eastern part of Iceland is filled with active volcanoes fed by a hot spot in the mantle. Iceland itself is created at the place where this hot spot ran into the mid-Atlantic Ridge. The hotspot is gradually migrating to the East relative to the ridge center, and is now located mostly under the Eastern Volcanic Zone in Iceland.


Image credit: Ecrins de Lumière – Photographies de Xavier Jamonet (Copyright owned by photographer, reproduced here with permission)


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