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For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere (around 10% of the global human population), this concept of a ‘white Christmas’ and wearing ugly Christmas jerseys is quite alien, as our Christmases are typically rather warm. If Santa was to wear the customary attire he is seen to wear in the Northern Hemisphere, he would soon find himself suffering from heat exhaustion. Perth, Australia is set to experience 29°C for Christmas Day while Alice Springs will get as high as 41°C; Christchurch NZ is hitting a high of 28°C (though there may be some showers), Auckland will get 24°C with rain (haha!); Johannesburg will hit 27°C; Harare 24°C; São Paulo 24°C; Santiago 31°C; and Buenos Aires 24°C. When the Northern Hemisphere experienced Winter Solstice, the Southern Hemisphere had their Summer Solstice.

Christmas for those of us in New Zealand and Australia typically involves lots of barbecues (the old ‘shrimp on the barbie’ for the Aussies), wearing jandals (flip-flops or thongs for the Aussies – yes that song years ago about ‘let me see that thong’ was confusing), wearing shorts/stubbies and a shirt as well as loads of sunscreen; unless you believe this guy who says the cancer society is behind the ‘ozone hole conspiracy’ to get more funding: http://yhoo.it/Qekj99. I got burnt being outside in the NZ sun for 15 minutes yesterday; the Sun must be conspiring with the cancer society. The Christmas period will also usually involve trips to the beach to cool in the heat or to surf. Children might run around on the back lawn in their togs (aka swimming costumes, ‘cossies’) while the sprinklers are on or wade in a paddling pool.

Santa won’t be coming down the chimneys in Christchurch, New Zealand – mainly because there aren’t many chimneys left after the earthquakes took care of them (http://on.fb.me/WIKpFQ). Some remnants of the chimneys may be residing on people’s back lawns, but mostly they’ve been worked into people’s gardens or recycled. In Christchurch we’ll be drinking to each other’s health using mis-matched glass sets, the remnants of wine and beer glass sets that were broken by the quakes.

In the Southern Hemisphere we do however still have Christmas trees, and presents under the Christmas trees. We just celebrate Christmas by being outside a lot.

To all those in the Southern Hemisphere: have a fantastic Christmas in the Sun and don’t forget your sunscreen!

To those of you in the Northern Hemisphere: have a fantastic Christmas in the cold and enjoy your ugly sweaters!

To those of you not celebrating Christmas: Have a happy Monday!

For a handy guide as to when togs become undies: http://bit.ly/plC5A

Here are some Australian Christmas Carols to ‘enjoy’: http://bit.ly/ui3fvS

Great Christmas song from Tim Minchin: http://bit.ly/5NEUvO

For more on the ozone depletion over Antarctica and its effects on the countries bordering it: http://on.fb.me/S5ZZcf


Image: Public domain

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