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12-27-2017 Extreme Cold in Iowa [00:01:24]


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After only reaching a high temperature of 2F on Tuesday we bottomed out at -16F on Wednesday morning at NWS Coop Observation Site Stanley 4W that I operate. Shortly after 7 am temperatures in Oelwein (pronounced "O-Wine"), in Northeast Iowa, were at -14F as seen by the Public Library thermometer in downtown Oelwein. Oelwein is located a few miles northwest of NWS Coop Stanley 4W. More snow is on the way on Wednesday night into Thursday and by this weekend the high temperature in this part of the state will struggle to reach 0F on Saturday.

Iowa Low Temperatures (NWS Coop):

Waukon 4SW: -21F

Logan: -20F

Manchester No. 2: -17F

Stanley 4W: -16F

Centerville: -16F

Elkader 6SSW: -15F

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