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The beauty of the tinyIt’s that time of year again when a…

The beauty of the tiny

It’s that time of year again when a variety of panels adjudge several major photography competitions around the world, including one of my favourites, the Nikon Small World photomicrography competition. The beauties here depicted are a set of dandelion stigma covered in bright pollen (magnified 25x), some moth eggs evanescently wrapped in spider silk (16x), the surreal head of a tapeworm, resembling a 3rd stage guild navigator from the movie version of Dune (200x) and the beautiful seed head of a plant (only 2x)…One joy of writing here is the realisation of the beauty of our only home at whatever scale and from whichever perspective it is viewed, another example of the great set of fractal patterns in space and time that provide the warp and weft of the planet that produced us.


Image credit: 1: Dr. Robert Markus 2: Walter Piorkowski 3: Teresa Zgoda 4: Dr Havi Sarfaty


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