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Kelly Warm Springs Slightly Northeast of Jackson Hole, Wyoming,…

Kelly Warm Springs

Slightly Northeast of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, just past the town of Kelly, there is a small pond called Kelly Warm Springs. You’ll never see more than about seven people there at once since it is somewhat out of the way of the main roads. It’s not the biggest hot spring in the area with Yellowstone just about an hour North of it, and it’s also not the hottest one averaging only 81º Fahrenheit (27.2º Celsius) year round. The pool is perfect for summer swimming with a gorgeous backdrop of the Grand Tetons visible from the whole pool.

However there is something that makes Kelly Warm Springs stand out from others in the area. Kelly Warm Springs houses a small community of tropical fish! The fish have been brought in and dumped there over the years by local residents who no longer wish to keep tropical fish tanks, and the fish breed with each other to maintain healthy populations. Species found there include Zebra Cichlids, Black Mollies, Yellow Perch, swordtails, and some large goldfish among others. The constant temperature is just right for these types of fish which is just about what normal tropical aquariums are maintained at. Like most springs the water source is from underground. As the water is heated it brings air bubbles with it up to the bottom of the pool. These bubbles keep the water oxygenated and prevent the water from becoming stagnant.

There are also no worries about the fish moving into local rivers and affecting native species. The non-native tropical fish are contained to the pool and its warm streams due to the fact that all other water in the area is too cold for them to live in. With a gravel bottom for standing, it makes for quite an enjoyable swim.


Photo Source: http://travellogs.us/2011%20Logs/Wyoming/11-177%20Kelly%20Hot%20Spring/11-177%20Kelly%20Hot%20Spring.htm

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