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Tesla patented system of fast replacement of batteries in electric cars

Tesla patented system of fast replacement of batteries in electric cars

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) published a patent application Tesla “System and method of changing batteries” (Battery Swapping System and Techniques).

In the document we are talking about a special installation, which will allow you to quickly change the discharged battery pack in a fully charged one. Such systems can be used where there are no stations Supercharger.

It is noted that we are not talking about a fully automated system. The process of replacing the battery must be operated by a technician. The entire procedure will take approximately fifteen minutes.

In its current form, patented the equipment is designed for electric cars the Model S and Model X. But in the future it can be adapted to other machines, in particular, Model 3.

The patent application was sent to the USPTO in may of this year and published just now. On the timing of practical implementation of the proposed system is not reported.

Need to add that Tesla have studied the possibility of fast replacement of the battery pack in their electric cars. So, a few years ago, the company experimented with the automated installation of a battery replacement. However, in mass this technology went.


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